My Fig is coming to life - only end of Feb

smoochas(zone 7a-NYC)February 22, 2014

Hi guys, I'm new to the world of figs.
I bought a little Chicago Hardy at the end of summer last year. Its approx 1.5ft tall. We babied it and brought it in side for the winter where its typically above 62 degrees. Well I forgot it was sitting under a sky light and I just noticed the buds (is that what they're called?) have opened and are green... Isn't it too early for this to be happening? Should I do anything? The thing is I haven't watered it since last fall.. do I need to give it regular waterings now??

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Buds right.
Regular is better but not much.
Mine has started growing since January XD
But that is another type of fig.
I have two that are still dormant.
I hope this helps you some way.

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Green leafy growth under the skylight is a good sign that the tree is alive. It would extend the growing season and allow more time for any figs to ripen in NYC. You probably won't get figs on a one year old tree the first year, at least I don't but I am in zone 5. You are supposed to give the tree some chill hours during the winter so it can go dormant in order for it to produce figs. But it appears your tree was dormant.
I have some Hardy Chicago air-layered branches that I just cut from the mother tree while dormant. I'm hoping to see some green buds soon, I potted them and have them in front of a window. I will put them outside when it is warmer.
A little water to keep the roots from drying out too much is good, If it is still dormant, it needs very little water because it is not actively metabolizing it.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Above 62F and figs will leaf out every time. If you want them to stay dormant they must be held in colder conditions, 30s if possible.

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smoochas(zone 7a-NYC)

Hi guys, so its not a bad thing that this plant is already coming back to life? It doesn't get warm here until begining of May, our target planting out date.
Next year I will put this plant in our unheated garage. its definitely in the 30s then. I hope our plant's dormancy wasn't too short to affect it in an adverse way.

So start watering it like usual?

Even though, the plant is small in stature, when I bought it from the big box store, there were already little fruits on it! I think I'm seeing a baby fruit right now even though there are no leaves! Should I get rid of it?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

They only need a week in the 30s for dormancy. Waking up early isn't bad if you are willing and able to provide light and keep it from freezing. That's a lot of effort but will result in earlier fruit.

It's easy to over water at that growth stage. It basically still isn't using any water. After it gets some real leaves then start regular watering.

The fig on last seasons growth is a breba. You can keep it if the plant is well rooted and it gets lots of light. On that small plant it should probably be removed.

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I am having the same problem see thread below - mine are leafed out now I am going to try to baby them along.

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2 of my fig trees have already grown about 4 or 5 inches already, the other 2 are growing too but at a much slower rate.

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