what should I do with those roots?

philly_gardenerFebruary 28, 2011

Hello, I have a new Violet de Bordeux fig that I planted in a 2-gallon container last year. I live in Zone 6 Philadelphia area.

In June 2010, I buried the container 1/3 deep in ground. Then in Nov 2010, I dug it up, there were many tiny roots that sticking out of the holes on the bottom. Those roots were maybe 10 inches long out of the holes. Well I didn't do anything special last fall. I just put the container in a plastic bag, left the bag open and put it in the garage.

I have not inspect the roots yet, maybe they are dried up now. But the plant shows green on the tip of the branchs.

My question now is what should I do with those roots? I am going to move this plant to a bigger container (maybe 10-gallon). Should I use a pair of scissors to cut off those roots that sticking out of the bottom holes? or should I just leave them as they are?

Thank you!

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Do nothing with them roots sticking out of pot,
else than cutting them OFF
(which you should have done in the first place - and may now give you a hard time to pull
plant out of pot).

They are useless & also (probably) dead by now.

OK to pot-up your fig.

Maybe 'slice' roots top-to-bottom, at least at one outer edge,
and cut-off the very bottom soil to stop any circling roots.

If heavily root-bound (unlikely in your case),
a root-pruning may be required.

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I am doing same with all my Fig trees. But I have one rule which never allow roots to grow through the container bottom. I block all these holes and drill holes on the side of the container. You was lucky your tree still young and you was able to pull it from the ground. When the tree gets old and established it is impossible to move it with its roots sticking from the drainage holes. I use the shovel and cut the roots from the side holes easily and move the pots. One of my trees is over 6 feet tall and still I can move it easy. Easy is not that easy but I can do it.

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Thank you all!

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