Best figs for southeastern US?

theloud(7b)February 25, 2014

What are the best figs to grow in the southeast, Atlanta, GA area? Zone 7b, with hot, humid summers. I read that a closed eye is important to prevent souring.

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I am also interested in this topic.

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santo379(9, SE TX)

I live near houston, so the some of the varieties they recommend here are:

LSU Purple fig
Banana fig- seems to do well in the hot and humidity
Texas Blue Giant- said to be cold hardy
Alma fig- greenish yellow fig
Celeste fig
Texas Everbearing
Brown Turkey

I did plant a "lemon" fig this year that I bought from Martha's Secrets Nursery that seems to do well in the southern part of the US.
this is the website:

This Nursery in Florida also seems to recommend these figs for the hot climate:

Here is a link that might be useful: Martha's Secrets online nursery

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I live near Atlanta. Rain is a definite issue here when figs are ripening. A closed eye is essential.

There are lots of good figs for this area.

Celeste (Celestial also)
Hardy Chicago (Sal's EL is close)

are a couple of commonly available favorites that are both good for fresh eating and preserves.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I have an unknown fig that does very well in 7b SC. It should do well in you area too.

Send me an address and I will mail you a few cuttings to root if you want them?


Send me an e-mail theloud

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I have Alma, LSU Gold &Purple, Celeste and Italian Honey in z8 MS

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