new plants supposed to be dormant?

fredahall(Mo, USA)February 16, 2012

Hello! I am new to the forum. I grew up in Florida and always had figs from my Grandmother's farm. Since the farm has been sold and we are now living in Kansas, I am feeling the withdrawal coming on!

I ordered 3 fig trees, a brown turkey (like we had at home!), a Chicago Hardy and a Magnolia fig. They arrived in 4 inch pots and were supposed to be dormant. Two of them have a leaf forming at the end of their branch. They are all about 7 to 12 inches tall. I had planned on keeping them in large containers (25 gal. muck buckets).

It is still in the 30's-40's during the day and 20's at night. I am confused about the dormancy issue and don't know what to do with them now that I see leaves. Is it to early to plant them and keep them indoors as they grow and them put them outside as it gets warmer?


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Keep them as-is-indoors (bright light window) for now;
and then plant them later come spring as you wish.

Remember that(specially young 1-4 year old figs)
do need the most for winter cold protection.

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