Cutting leaves wilthing

chippoliFebruary 3, 2013

I have 20 cuttings that I have rooted and have leaves.
However 6 have leaves that wilted and seem to be dead.
I asked this question before and I tried the recomendion
offerd,with 0 results. Can someone offer a solution and a reason why this is happening. Any help please.The cuttings
are in 12oz paper cups and sit in a west window in the kitchen

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Everything I know about fig cuttings is from these New England Gardener on You Tube. And you may want to visit his site it is all about fig tree growing,care so new rooted fig cuttings should not be on the window they should be in the plastic box covered ! also to wet soil will also ruin the cuttings. Visit NewEnglandGardening Do what he does with his cuttings and that is all you NEED ! Take care.
These message is from You Tube Moonlightwhispers11

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Don't worry about it. If you don't keep them in humidity chambers the leaves will outgrow the roots. As long as your roots are healthy it will make new leaves. You could put the cups in zip lock bags if you find the leaf drop off-putting.

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