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fairfield8619(Zone 8 NW LA)February 10, 2012

Well I ordered green and purple cuttings from a guy in Turkey and surprisingly they came thru the mail just fine. I put them in pots to root and covered them up with a plastic bag. It's been two weeeks and I just checked them- they have rooted! I can see only one root but they are very firm in the mix. Now the rub- I see that I turned one upside down and it has rooted anyway. Should I bite the bullet and take it out and re-root it or just leave it alone? There is actually an root growing out of the upright bottom so I guess it will still root. Help me!

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I've done that before. What I did with mine was to place it horizontally in some new rooting mix within a plastic clam shell container. By planting horizontally, you can save the roots that have already formed. Two buds on that twig eventually sprouted for me producing a double headed fig tree which I later separated into two trees.

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I recommend if you are going to flip it, to do it now. You might lose a couple roots in the process, but it's still early in the process and more will form. If you don't do it right away then you need to wait until the roots have hardened sufficiently that they won't break, maybe a month. After a month buds will probably have started to grow and will need to make a u turn. This is possible but not a 100% successful endeavor.

I like the horizontal option. Gives all the nodes the option of roots or shoots or both. Just put it under about an inch or half inch of potting soil, or whatever you are using for your planting mix. I couple months ago I had a cutting in sphagnum that was shooting and rooting on 3 nodes, so I put it horizontal. At first I doubted my decision, but now it has roots all over the place, the top node has a nice health shoot with a few leaves, and the middle shoot appears to be leafing out too.

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fairfield8619(Zone 8 NW LA)

Thanks, This is just what I have done- now just wait!

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