oklahoma hard hit with tornadoo

jean_ar(z8 Ar)May 20, 2013

All of our Oklahoma forum friends,I hope all of you are safe,I been watching the news most of the afternoon at all the damage and its just terrible.MARYL don't you live in Oklahoma some where,I do hope its not in this area that's torn to pieces,Please check in with us and ler us know you are safe.This was a horrible storm.


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Yes, I was thinking about her too, Jean. Hopefully she will check in soon.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Hi KAY. I am fairly sure that she lives in Oklahoma some where, just don't know what area, but sure hope shes ok.They just said on the news that so far, 51 are confirmed dead and still a lot of children nor accounted for yet.. I took some photos this morning, but as usual I could not upload them to photobucket. I did what you said and went to that help site. haven't talked to no one.I wrote a message of my problems and asked for help to upload my photos, step by step of how to do it, but, so far have heard nothing back.I had some new ones bloomed yesterday and today, too.since that 2.5 inches of rain I have scapes and buds every where..I was so excited when I see them popping up everywhere.



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Maryl zone 7a

It's so heartbreaking in Moore. The tornado was so severe that it even stripped the grass off the ground leaving only a trail of debris and dirt behind. .... They had a tornado Sunday in Shawnee Okla. where two were killed, and now this one in Moore today. And the children! What a heartbreaker........ I'm northeast of OKC (where most of this occured) and we only got a little rain out of both systems. Everyone has asked what they need and so far the only thing all of us can give them is our prayers....They say this system isn't through yet and those east of us in Arkansas and Texas may be at risk tomorrow. My prayers will go out to them also to be safe...........Maryl

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Nancy zone 6

I was out in the yard most of the afternoon, then busy til I turned on the TV late afternoon. I was shocked to learn about the tornado, so very terrible. I'm glad you are safe Maryl.

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Julia NY(6)

So hard to see so much devastation and how could anyone not feel the pain of what those folks are going through.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I watched some on the news last night. But it was so horrible that I couldn't keep watching the reporting. I had to turn it off as I have rarely seen anything that bad. So sorry for all those people.

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It's just heartbreaking, all that destruction and the deaths of so many. I had to stop watching, too, so difficult to see it for a long time. Today we may be under the gun for bad storms. Just hope our "safe place" is safe enough in case the storms reach severe limits. I don't know if Jean will be affected by this, need to turn on the weather channel and take a look. The storms are supposed to start this evening and last for some time. Avedon

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

MaryL. I am so glad you are ok and the tornado's missed your place.I have watched a lot of the destruction from ths thing and it is horrible,I just feel so sorry for all the people that was in its path.It is just horrible.We have a line of storms coming our way too,,again, Had bad storms just a few days ago,and them sirens going off every few miutes is sure hard for the nerves.Can't do nothing about these storms, all can do is pray for the best..


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