Long time no see...I'm back! Help! :)

erin_gFebruary 17, 2014

I was around here for a while back in 2006, and got to know some of you...not sure if the same folks are still visiting this forum, but I hope so! The military took my family from the east coast, out to the desert of the west coast, then to Okinawa, and now back to where I was when I began my fig adventures 9 years ago. Through all this, I've grown a LOT of trees, but sadly had to give every one away due to the climate change, or the international move that prevented ANY plant material being brought in. So...I'm starting over...again. BUT I'M SO EXCITED!! My plants aren't going anywhere this time, since we're near retirement. :)

I missed the deadline for ordering UC Davis cuttings, but I went ahead and placed a new one for next year. However, just like last time, many of the varieties I'm searching for aren't available through them.

1.) Sal's Supergiant (material not available, according to their website)
2.) Patrick's Supergiant (NOT from Ty-Ty...I already had my one bad experience with them, and won't do it again)
3.) Purple Beefera from the Belleclare Nursery that has since closed.

And any other "super large" variety not listed. I had ambitions back then of developing new varieties, and I still do. I also have ambitions to improve tree and fruit quality with special liquid minerals and such...organic, of course. This is a HUGE aspect if what I intend to research as a hobby. FMV is something I have a feeling can be cured...I aim to follow some instincts with that to see if tests come back favorable.

At any rate, I have NOTHING right now, and I'm so sad!! Out of all the trees I've and given away over the years, can you believe we've harvested exactly five figs? So...sad! But all the people I gave my trees to definitely reaped what I had already sown!

So, if any if you can help, or would be willing to help, I'd gladly send you some money for a small cutting if you can spare! Here is what I've requested from UC Davis:

St. Jean
Violette de Bordeaux
Kadota 1
Col de Dame
Osborn Prolific
Giant Amber
Malcolm's Supergiant

If any if you remember me, please say hi!! :)

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

welcome back, I don't have these specific varieties, but I do have many others. send me a message and I can let you know what I currently have.

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