I found an evergreen fig :-)

figara(Ca 9)February 8, 2014

I found an evergreen fig bush in late December and I went back about 10 days ago to check it again and indeed is ever green. I took a cutting and potted. Now it has roots and leaves.
Somebody suggested that this might be a Bancroft pumila-carica hybrid
Here are a few pics

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

It looks delicious! I have a Verte that never went dormant, but I don't think it's evergreen. It's just confused. It got planted between the house and the deck and the deck protects it from winds. It gets reflected heat and light from the west facing house and the east facing deck, so it never knew temps here dropped below 30 degrees F.

I hope yours is truly evergreen!

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figara(Ca 9)

Desertrose, I know for sure that this is an evergreen fig tree not a confused one. I saw it first time in December and went back for a second look in February and is as green as it can be. You can see in the first picture that it is planted next to a railing fence who is in the middle of a yard so it is not protected at all. We had in Nov quite a few freezing night and a lot of plants froze but it did not affect this fig bush :-)

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I want a cutting!

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I want a cutting too!!!! If you want to trade have some europians
Adam ugur

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Does the fruit taste sweet as it looks so delicious?

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