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fleegle96May 5, 2014

Hi there - I'd like to start out by saying I am probably going to botch some terminology but I am hoping someone will see a picture of what is going on in my yard and *poof* - here's the solution:

And maybe I don't really have a problem other than I have a lot, lot, LOT of Daylilies growing in the front of my home. They were planted in the mid 70's by my mom, and then never separated by my dad who lived here up until he passed away last year. I am now trying to make sense of things within this house, and now that it's spring I'm tackling the outside.

Pulling up what I thought was *one* plant yielded a root system that looked like tubers, though I know they aren't. I am wondering how much, if any, of these bulbous thing-a-majigs could be cut back and still yield a flower?

I have also tried to pull out a large clump of many flowers, though all the bulb-like parts intertwine with one another and many broke off... How can I thin out these roots and yet still have SOME daylilies?

Thanks for any assistance you might be able to give to this new flower gal!

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Just wanted to add a second photo of some of the plants I was able to divide... and hopefully they'll take!

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It looks as though you're doing fine with dividing; just pry them apart with a trowel or knife or by hand. It doesn't hurt if some of the "bulbous" roots get injured a bit so long as the crown of the plant is not too damaged (and even then it will probably grow). Yes, your plants were much too thick. Perhaps when you see some bloom this summer, you can decide which ones you want to propagate and which you are not interested in.

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I thought I'd update with a photo of my first blooms this season! My mom planted these in front of the house I now live in back in 1974... I sent some to her out in Washington State, though she hasn't had any blooms out there.

What's even funnier to me is that my mom didn't recognize them! "I thought they were just plain orange!"

Anyone have any idea on what species this might be and/or some helpful keywords to look it up on the big database? I can tell it's a double-lily (I think) and that's about as far as I get!

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

I know how exciting it is to see first blooms! My guess would be that this is Kwanso, but I think there is another similar looking one called Flore Pleno or something like that.

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