UC Davis 2013 order arrived

tmc2009February 28, 2013

I received my order of fig tree cuttings from UC Davis today.

Here is a link that might be useful: UC Davis cuttings video

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cool what did you get ?

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Feels like unwrapping a gift to see the fig cuttings in the box!
Since this is just March, did you order early last year for the fig cuttings?

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Has anyone else received their order? This is the first time I have ordered, and am hoping I did everything correctly. I have been waiting all winter, but am getting a little worried at this point.

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I had the same question, anybody else received their UCD order?
Also, those who have received, have you paid for the shipping? And how?... On the order webpage there are no place to enter the shipping info.
Will they ship if the shipping was not paid?

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I received Violette de Bordeaux, Sucrette, Col de Dame, Pastiliere, Ischia Black and Black Madeira. I have a fedex account I enter on one of the blank lines. They don't have a line for shipping info. I forgot to update my billing info but they still sent the cuttings UPS for free this time.

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Thanks, tmc2009! I placed an order with them but without any shipping info. I have not received anything yet, will wait, I guess :(

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i received my order several days ago. seven different fig cuttings. 3 cuttings each variety.

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In GA, I haven't received anything yet. I placed a FEDEX number on the order page. Last year I didn't get anything till April though....

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Oh gosh! I visited UC Davis' site, and got the impression the cutting program was discontinued! BOOHOO!!! I'm within driving distance for heavensakes! I guess I'll have to wait until winter 2014?
anyway, for those lucky folks with cuttings, I've found the 'shoebox' method, where you get one of those plastic shoeboxes, add about 4" damp, very light mix, lay the cuttings almost horizontal so only the very tip peaks out after you add another 2" mix. cover, air out every couple of days to clear any condensation. keep in the house (warmer than outside), and wait- ALL my violetta de bordeaux cuttings rooted already (5weeks later), and I've potted them up to 1-gallon now. I'm thrilled to learn this method from GW, but my apologies, I don't recall who posted it.

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I received my shipment at the end of March. I ordered some other fig cutting but really just wanted the Black Madeira. The other fig was the panache and vernino which had three cuttings each. The black madeira only came as one cutting. The cutting was about 10-12 inches long aproximately. I cut it half and put it in a starbuck's cup. Hopefully if roots out.

I didn't pay for shipment either, I wasn't sure how to pay for the shipment or how the account number works; so I never put that on the order page.

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