transplanting fig

jimjancoFebruary 15, 2014

hello - i have two five foot fit trees. this will be their third year. id like to move them to another sectionof the yard, but i really have no idea how this will impact them. root ball is probably about 12 - 16 inches in diameter. should i do this NOW while the are fully dormant - wait till march when thawing starts? any ideas? thanks all!

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Do not touch frozen soil, move before the consistent moving of buds.

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I've moved many shrubs, trees, etc. in New Orleans and Mississippi. Mostly successfully. My understanding is to move them in their dormant season or when heat stress is less. If you are in New Jersey, are you a coastal, warmer zone? If so, now is the time to do it, before much warmer weather sets in. I also understand that when you dig the plant, you will lose some roots. So I've always learned to prune back the top so the lesser volume of roots will not have the full volume of foliage to keep up with. Saying that, I would read a bit about pruning figs, there may be a way and a time to do that ideally. Also, it is a good idea to use root stimulator or transplant solution (probably the same thing) which are sold at garden centers or Walmart or Lowe's etc as a liquid to enhance new root growth. Do not fertilize right away, however. Of course, water well until established. Mulch. Dig the (new) hole that you are going to place the palm in, before you dig the plant out. Make sure it is wide, as the other poster said. If possible, place the plant on a tarp, gently drag it to the new location, and quickly get it placed in the new hole so the roots are not exposed for long. I think you will be successful.

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