cuttings - how long in plastic bags?

angelao(z3 Canada)March 20, 2006

I overwintered Million Bells, Bacopa, and Lantana. Yesterday I took cuttings from them, dipped the cut end in rooting hormone, and planted them in soiless mix in jiffy peat pots. I then put the pots in plastic bags under my grow lights. All the bags now have condensation on them which I assume is a good thing?

My question is how long should the plants stay in the plastic bags? Thank you for the help.

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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

I've tried cuttings from bacopa before, and from what I can remember, I had them covered for about 2 weeks. But, what I do is, uncover them for about a hour or two to see if they wilt or not. If they wilt, then they don't have any roots yet and get covered again for a few days and then test again. And yes, the condensation is a good thing :)
I've always been under the impression that cuttings shouldn't have any direct(hot) light until they have rooted sufficiently or else they'll dry up. My kitchen faces north and that's the window I use to start cuttings. There's still a fair amount of light from the north, but no direct light. This has always worked for me anyway, maybe some others have their cuttings under lights and they do well?


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mcav0y(z3/4 Anchorage)

wow, putting cutting under plastic baggies. What a good idea. I have just used the pinch and poke method (pinch a stem off a leggy plant and poke into the soil). The cuttings get wilty for a few days, and then bounce back.
I have put them in my south-facing windowsill with no apparent issues (although the sun in Alaska is much less intense than other places)

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I've got some Bacopa cuttings that I've started. I just use a plastic tray which I fill with vermiculite. I wet it with water mixed with "no" damp. I also dip the cuttings in rooting hormone and then cover with a plastic dome. I check it several times a day and use a spritser bottle to keep the cutting moist. I also mix "no damp" with the water in the bottle. Works really well and the cuttings usually start rooting in a week or two. Stan

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For cuttings I use the zip plastic bags that sheets and blankets come in. You have to be very careful that the cuttings don't hit the side walls of what ever you use. I usually leave the cuttings in the progator for 10 to 14 days. I just give a VERY GENTLE tug to see if they are rooted...they won't pull out if they are. Another sign is if they show new top growth. The growing medium I use is Promix in 2 1/2 or 4 inch pots.


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