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vern_2006(7)February 25, 2007

Has anyone ever ordered any thing from Arron's Nursery in Sumner GA? They have a variety of figs offered on their website. Their year old figs are priced at $8.75. That does not seem like a bad price to me.


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Aaron's is a part of the infamous TyTy group. I have not done business with them, nor would I. Their (bad) reputation precedes them. I think their legal strong-arming to have their ratings removed from Garden Watchdog is further evidence of that. I have provided a link to a post in another forum which lists the other companies in the TyTy group.

None of their varieties are so exotic you couldn't find them at a handful of other nurseries or from someone on here. But if you want to chance 67 bucks... let us know how things turn out.


Here is a link that might be useful: more on the TyTy group

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James thanks for the information. It is a wonder that people like them can stay in business.


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wabikeguy(7 AB)

Orderded 7 fig trees from AArons in Georgia (tye tye), Jan 3 08 for a March 22 delivery. Paid in advance. $148. March 22 came and went. No trees.
I've since called back 6 times. I have been told that they were "waiting for gel packs to ship my order and that it would be shipped "tromorrow", that they could not find my order (three times), that they found my order "on the desk" under another order" and that it would be shipped "immediately"."
Today, April 16, it's "we can't find the order and are checking our files." They will call me back. Uh Huh......

From what I've read, even if they do actually ship something I shouldn't expect much.

I'm writing this one off as a lesson learned.

Guess I'll try again next year. Maybe with someone local...

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WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Terrible. TyTy/Aarons/whateverelse is an abomination to the gardening world. Stay as far away as you can.

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Wabi- how did you pay?
If by CC why havent you filed a complaint with them?

I wouldnt give those ppl the satisfaction of eating your $148.

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If you used a credit card then definately contact your credit card company and let them know you never received what you bought, that you have been defrauded. Request they reverse the charges...or put the charges in dispute. They will take care of you...been there, done that.

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just had a great idea. lets all call tyty - aarons and ask for wabis money back. if every1 calls hmmm , what would they do ?

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I had a similar experience with them (or TyTy). I ordered from both before learning about them. I will be very surprised if they don't eventually ship your order. Also, you are likely to get very decent (or better) trees with regard to health and size. However, and this is the BIG problem...there is no telling which varieties of figs they will actually send you. I've got 3 or 4 trees from them that haven't produced figs yet, so the jury is still out on those. The 4-5 trees that have produced fruit were definitely NOT what I ordered. One is Celeste, two may be English BT (I only had a couple figs last year), and the fourth (which was supposed to be Green Ischia) is another unidentified fig I call (actually Leon's name) "Cherry Bomb" fig because the figs and long stems look like cherry bombs on the limbsn (in silhouette). Hopefully I will be able to identify this one this year with help from forum members. It has turned out to be one of my favorite figs. So, TyTy is a crapshoot. All of the trees I bought from them are healthy, good-growing trees, but I doubt a single one is what I ordered. I do have two that were supposed to be Kadota that actually could possibly be Kadota. I will most likely find out this year. If they are indeed Kadota they would be the only two trees of 8 or 9 that were what I ordered.


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wabikeguy(7 AB)

I paid with a debit card. My only recourse will be the BBB. We'll see how it goes.

Glad you got your trees Henry. As for me.....I am not holding my breath.

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Just talked with them about Berry Bushes before I read this site.
They were rude, told me that it was too late to plant berries (lie) and that it was too late to plant trees.
Best to stay away.

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Ive Been looking at Aarons for the past few weeks to add another wine to my Home Vineyard. After stumbling to this website and reading ur posts, i think i will look elsewhere. Sorry to those who learned the hard way. Thanks for saving someone else from making the mistake of trusting these People.

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You were smart to do some homework before ordering. These people are unbelieveable. Unfortunately for most who order from them there is no telling what they will get. If you order a fig you will get a fig, but odds are overwhelming that unless you order Celeste you won't get the variety you order.


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Never walk away from an outfit that cheats you. If you sent a check, call the Georgia governor's office and ask for the proper agency. Call the Ga. Dept of Ag. with the same story. Send a registered letter to Aarons and tell them you are tired of waiting and your order is canceled, return your money. Seems to me that I read that mail order outfits that cannot fill your order promptly must respond to a request for refunds. I think there is a time limit within which they must deliver or offer refunds.

For $148 I'd hound those people to the gates of hell rather than let them steal from me.

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I agree with Ox. They stole and you need to take whatever track you can to expose these people and get your money back. 148 dollars rarely fills a tank of gas anymore. I personally have been known to walk into a business with my father, brothers and a couple of male cousins to get money back from people like that. It works!! I got my money back that day. Just my example. Ciao

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what ox said and italiangirl74 said usually works, i has experience in new house when bottom lever our laundry room has stuff that stunk really bad coming out the floor drain, my wife was pregnant at the time and literally started to cry when i came home from work, she said i tried to stop it but could not. I called barry the man that went thru our home inspection and ran things for the constuction outfit still building homes in neighberhood his trailer was sevral blocks down the road. I called town they said builders are responsible for all new sewers being kept clean for 1st year called barry back he says call town back and talk to someone else. Mind you wifes crying , pregnant , seweage now coming on new carpet, what i did i do not suggest to anybody but dad did it when he was alive when a builder try to screw us back in the day and it worked. I put my 12g in case in back seat drove to trailer and invited barry outside and politely told him i would use whats in the back seat as i was tired of the run around. The next day a cleaning crew was out and we had a complete carpet reinstalled. Would i have shot him? NO, but i tell you i would have took the 28 inch barrel off and beat him with it. Do what ox says and get your money back and if by chance there in driving distance due what Maggie says but remember ask first politely with a show of force.

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

Aaron's Nursery just came up on the fig forum thread so I thought I'd bring this one back as well. The Georgia Better Business Bureau investigated my complaint and Tye Tye/Aaron's still refused to make good on my order. The BBB has no enforcement capability so contacting them was a waste of time. I then contacted the Georgia Attorney General's office. Aaron's ultimately cut me a refund check.

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Wow, you guys are tough! I'm not messing with any of you!

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