Red Shield Hibiscus

marricgardensMarch 18, 2010

Has anyone ever grown this one? I loved the picture in the Veseys catalogue. The foliage is awesome and I think with the flowers it would be even better. Mine are now about 3". Some of the leaves are drying up. I've just watered them and am wondering if I should keep them drier? Will it flower the first year or more likely to flower the second season? Do you get seeds from it? I've read about people taking cuttings but if it flowers, it should set seed right? I was planning on putting them in containers on each side of my front door. They would have an eastern exposure. Thanks for any advice. Marg

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I've had this for several years, Marg. The first one was given to me by a friend and it grew fairly rapidly and was a nice size after spending the summer outside. It lived inside for the winter for a couple of years with no problem until last winter when it and my alternanthera kicked the bucket for no apparent reason. They had the same symptoms, though - just drying out and dying bit by bit. I bought seeds last year and started another one. It hasn't grown quite so fast, though.

The flowers are pretty but they're a light-ish pink and don't stand out against the foliage very much. I tried cuttings but they didn't work so well. Never did try to get seeds, though. Oh, and i find that it flowers inside in the winter rather than outside during the summer! Darn thing!

Some of the leaves do tend to dry up and fall off. I water mine when i remember, so it gets a little dry sometime, but that happens even when it's more moist. When it's outside, i just water as i water any other containers - when needed - and with a light fertilizer.

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Thanks for the info. I grew a few of them and I will bring one into the house for the winter. The write up in the catalogue says it produces large burgundy flowers - glad I asked. The light pink flowers would be a nice contrast with the leaves. My garden gets full sun all day so if the hibiscus likes it there, maybe I'll get burgundy flowers, what do you think? Marg

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

As i said, Marg, it doesn't bloom outside for me - or it hasn't at least. It might for you, in which case, please take pictures!

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I emailed Veseys about the leaves falling off my Red Shield Hibiscus. Apparently this is normal. Here's the answer I rec'd: 'Thank you for contacting Veseys. They should be fine. The leaves should develop once the cotyledons fall off.' It's good to know that I haven't lost it! Just thought I'd pass on the info. Marg

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