sweet grass--does any one grow it

Happy2BeeME(4a NH)March 18, 2008

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone grows sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata)?

What you liked/didn't like about it.

I know it's used for baskets and braided, anyone do anything else with it?

:) Karyn

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I've had a patch for years now. To make sure it doesn't get away on me I have a big pot I cut the bottom out of and buried it to the top of the rim and then planted the grass in it.This also keeps other grasses from mixing with it .Of course if you had a very weed free garden with no quack grass ( which I don't ) that would not be a problem.While I was still working I gave a lot of it to my Native patients.

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Happy2BeeME(4a NH)

I was reading about how fast it can spread. The pot idea works for alot of things :) The roots don't seem to grow to deep and spread anyway? Or it doesn't put out runners?

I bet they were very excited to receive it as a gift, it is one of the sacred herbs/plants. Traditionally for a gift... tie a red strip of cloth around it. :) It does smell wonderful when burnt.


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It doesn't seem to put out runners. Been in the same pot for several years now and still doing well. But I am getting a new one this year. Once it is dried and braided it shud not be covered. I was told this by several of the people I gave it to. Luckily I hadn't covered it.

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Pudge 2b

I tried starting some from seed a couple of years ago but got no germination. It does have a beautiful scent that never seems to wear out.

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