Fig selection suggestions

MKFebruary 8, 2013

Love the grocery store figs-so which kind should I buy to grow? Mission is what I'm leaning toward but some say Brown Turkey or Calpyrna (?) yes, i have room for two--have lots of sunny space in my Med climate garden.


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Figs are really dependent upon climate. One of the experts in California really likes Mission (and dislikes Brown Turkey).
Here are his likes (first post in this link).

He has several hundred different varieties (600?) of figs growing in the San Diego area and also sells figs. He might have a good idea of varieties for your specific climate and also sells figs true to name.

His fig variety website is one of the web's most detailed for varieties. Click on the M for Mission and scroll down and click on more photos (under mission) so you can see what the figs look like.

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If you like grocery store figs wait until you try one ripe off the tree. You won't be able to buy them at the store anymore!

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Violette de Bordeaux and a Panachee, remember to keep them pruned so you can reach the fruits.

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The best variety which I grow in New Orleans is Celest. They are great fresh and preserved. I don't know how this variety will make out in your location.

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