Hurricane plan

garyfla_gw(10 Florida)August 27, 2012


The old saw "Prepare for the worst Hope for the best"

Seems like good advice ,up to a point lol

Curious as to others thoughts on this . the scariest of the possibilities are of course Andrew and Katrina.

In other words what if your house is unliveable or worse completely flatened?? Would you rebuild buy another or??


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We were the only ones in our neighborhood that shuttered for this one. Winds maxed at 40 and only an inch of rain.

If this house were destroyed...

If by water - outta here.

If by wind, probably rebuild on site.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Why the difference in the plans?? Water seems by far the most damaging parts of past storms but have found this property faily dry experiemcing only one flood since 79. Think I'd rebuild on this site as the most expensive part is the land but would probably go live with relatives
until finished wouldn't venture a guess on how long that would take. Obviously won't live in motels for months and refuse to live in a tent!! Hopefully this is all hypothetical ?? lol gary

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We're fairly surrounded by water here with a river, bayou and Gulf of Mexico and at 17 feet elevation. Historically, there is no record of flooding back to the late 1800's (per discussions with a succession of old-time residents). If we did get catastrophic flooding, I suspect our land would become river bottom due to a major change in topography. Wind I can deal with having grown up in tornado-land.

If it were a re-build situation, I could do a camper on-site for as long as it took, or even an extended stay type hotel. For me, that would be better than staying with relatives that amount of time

I'm all for hypothetical - better over-prepared than under for me.


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