Light needed for seasonal transition?

keepitlow(6)February 19, 2011

During the transition season last year I drug my big pots in and out of the garage daily to get sun. I've got a bad back and can't pull them in and out as much this year.

During the transition season can they be sunned one or two days a week and left in the garage the rest of time until they go out for good? Or do they need more light than that?


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You may consider using tarp to cover the plants on normal cold days and take them inside only when it is very cold that can cause damage. Just stay tuned to the weather forecast.

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I take the figs out of the garage about the middle of April (postponed a little if there is a cold snap then) which is a good compromise between the cold weather and beginning leaf growth. The figs are mostly just beginning to break buds with some small leaves. Last year, about the 6th or 7th year, was the first year any of them were set back, namely the Violette de Bordeaux (from Raintree). The last frost date here is May 15.


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Forgot to say that I bring them out once and leave them out. Hope this helps.


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