Fiddle Fig 911!!!

tyb1820February 25, 2014

Hi Guys,

I have been researching non stop on the care tips for the Fiddle Fig. It is an awesome tree, but I am losing mine... I have had it about 2 months and pretty much right away the leaves started turning brown on the ends. It was not long after the leaves started dropping. It has lost roughly 65% of it's leaves. I determined that I was over-watering, the location just wasn't getting enough light, and that it was too cold/drafty (I am in TX and it has been a cold winter and it was placed near the front door). I talked to the nursery where I got it and they told me it would be fine with the lower light but that would mean it would tolerate even less water. I moved the tree and it is now placed directly under a sky light and away from the door, however the light is filtered twice before it comes into the house, not bright by any means. While the nursery rep said it should be fine after I showed pictures, I am wondering if it will be.

The main question for my post is the watering. I have read to let the first inch of the soil dry out before watering. The nursery rep said to water it only 2 cups once a week, and I also read some people totally drench it and let it drain once a week. I am way too scared to do this, but maybe I should?

You will see from my pictures I have pruned off the leaves that were really bad, and the leaves left that are turning brown have definitely slowed down. I have been watering once every 2 weeks and only about 2-3 cups. The new leaves are barely hanging on and look droopy like they need water. Any help would be more than appreciated!!

- Ty

More pics:

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Hi, I hope your tree is still alive, as I am writing this a bit after your post. I'm a total amateur, but I had an experience with a fiddle fig that was similar. I did have brighter light though. But my fig dropped leaves, looked like it was thirsty. It dropped almost all of it's leaves, I got down to two or three leaves. Everyone was saying, don't water it, they don't like too much water.. but my instinct said it was dry. I spoke to one garden lady at a plant center- she said it was dying of thirst. She recommended I use chopsticks to dig small deep holes down into the roots, to ensure that water was reaching all of the roots, and then to really water it. The way it was potted, rooted, was causing the water to not reach the majority of the roots. This worked, and I noticed the results immediately after the first time I did it. My tree took a breath of fresh air, and it took off. I hope this can help you.

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