Will a little mold kill a cutting?

auburn014February 17, 2013

I have a rooting cutting that I placed in the clear cup today. It has a small amount of white fuzzy looking (mold?) in a couple of places at the bottom of the cutting. I went ahead and put it in the cups and am hoping for the best. Will it likely cause problems? Can that kill a cutting/ can it cause future problems with the cutting?

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Molds change color from white pretty fast as they make spores. White and fuzzy usually means a decomposer fungi, eg. mushroom; which will eat a cutting pretty quickly. Are you sure it was fungi? there is also what people commonly call "root initials" but they are not really fuzzy looking like fungi, which grows as lots of filaments.

If you are worried about "mold" do not let the cuttings get any warmer than 75 f. and keep them on the dry side.

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When this happens to my cuttings I lace thewater with some fungicise and it worked.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Foolish Pleasure,

Would you please name a few of those fungicides you use with the water to kill mold on cuttings?



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