some early morn before work pics.... ha

deangreen(7b OK)May 29, 2012

first pic is Gene Walker, but I really need to take a better pic, this was a quick one before going to work this morning. next is a red seedling I liked except I wish it wasn't so bitonal.

the last is a first for me in the yard this summer, Little Seasprite. I like the little ones that have 3 distinct colors and contrast. :) I need a better pic of this too but I had to leave early this morning and these are the last 2 buds on the plant. ha

other pics show this with a darker blue green sort of eye, but it looked for purpley blue this morning, either way I like it, and look forward to a nice little clump of it...of course.

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Julia NY(6)

Nothing wrong with the pics and they all look great. I remember those days of getting up early and trying to get in some garden time before leaving for work.


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Nancy zone 6

Great pictures, I really like Little Seasprite

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Oh, may fav is Little Seasprite! Beautiful!!!

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Well I really like Bitones, so the red seedling appeals to me.

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Little Seasprite is my favorite too.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Little Seasprite is my favorite. Such a lovely bloom.

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