gardener365(5b Illinois USA)August 26, 2012

Almost all my property is shown. It's raining so there's one section of my six acres that isn't shown.

Hope you enjoy!!


I have an area of probably 1/2 an acre around to the left of this photo. There's a strip of hardwood trees separating that portion from being viewable.

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I'm totally envious of all that space. That's going to be an impressive arboretum over time. You're a lucky guy, Dax.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Why thank you sir!

Rain has temporarily quit.

Ok. Walking toward the area that I couldn't photograph during the rain and then pamorana's around and returning to my backyard...which is primarily cultivars (a conifer collection). The vast expanse has cultivars mixed in with all kinds of hardwoods: oaks/maples/pecans/moutain ash/serviceberry/viburnums/a few dozen orchard trees/etc- etc- etc-.

Now walking behind my home:

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Looks fantastic!

And glad to see you're getting some rain.

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Hi Dax, Bet it's nice to sit out on your deck and look out at the expanse of your beautiful property. Looks peaceful and serene. Soooo envious :)


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Yes, the overall effect is one of space. Good thing for a guy like you, so inclined towards trying and developing plants!


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Hey,this is getting better year by year. On the first pictures it was like a golf field. And how about now! You are doing a great job with this. Keep us posted. Many thanks! zs

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Very cool, and very interesting. Look forward to seeing updates as the years go by.

Your plants look quite happy to be getting a drink.

Does your propane tank service your greenhouse as well on a dedicated line?


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What is this thing you call RAIN?

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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)

Great thread.

I remember when we first talked about you moving.

You were pumped and rightfully so. With great parents and conifer friends supporting you in every way your dream became a reality.

The panorama photos really ties your property together. Before we only saw bits and pieces.

You really got a great start on your goal to create an arboretum. You are building on something unique and rare. Most people can't comprehend the work and years it takes to create a special place to display rare conifer and deciduous plants. When you get as old as me you can set on that deck and take it all in. I'll assure you there won't be a negative or disappointing thought come to mind. Only peace and the satisfying thoughts resonate from all those God given plants. You can also give thanks you had the ability to put it all together. Most people can't if given the opportunity.

Keep us updated as to your new plantings and ideas.

You got rain?

We have had only traces since the 1st of July. They predicted heavy rain over the weekend but as usual it went west, north and south of us. Not enough to dampen my Kansas rain gauge. As usual watering today.


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Cher(6 SW OH)

Looks fantastic Dax. Very beautiful setting and will get more beautiful each year as the conifers grow. You'll be glad you got photos to compare with 5 and 10 years from now.

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treebarb Z5 Denver


Love the space and what you're doing with it. I look forward to seeing the updates as the years pass. I'm glad you're getting some rain. Mother Nature waters much better than we can. Thanks for posting the pics!


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

There are so many of you commenting, I'll just say "thanks!"

Yesterday, I think my rain gauge broke...because it's saying only 2.5mm short of 3"! Steady rains & all day!

I cannot wait for those next 3, 5, & 10 years from now. I think I'll see quite a bit after 3.

Appreciate it folks.


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Alex, yes, my propane tank has (1) line to my basement along with a separate but dedicated line to my greenhouse.


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Looks great Dax - you have a nice piece of property. Can't wait to see it 10 years down the road!

I must ask how far do you space the average conifer apart out in that field? Are they all dwarfs? Most of mine are dwarfs (about 6" per year growth), I space the average one 12' apart. Some I may space 7' while others 15'. It just depends on the growth rate.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Thanks Rick. 99% are trees, literally. If I know for instance a certain maple will be able to be 50 feet across in its' lifetime, I give it the 50 feet. My plan is subject to my lifespan and I am 38 so I have planned for 50 years or, more. If I know a dwarf will be 15 feet across in 50 years, I give it room so it will not be touching anything near it that far ahead.

I've seen so many beautiful dwarf conifers removed from Bickelhaupt Arboretum when they're 25 and 30 years old & it's such a shame. So, I've at least doubled and then some for my own landscape.

Best Regards,


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Well I for one can't wait to see it 20 years down the road. I wish I was able to space mine farther apart... I have 3 acres, but an acre of that is my house, septic, plus a heavy wooded section. Then the wife said I need to leave some room for our kids... what's that all about lol. So I have about 2 acres to work with. I'm 28, I have everything spaced so they have enough room for at least 30 years. So when I'm in my mid 50's I'll probably have to go through and thin stuff out then replant a few. I'm going to hate when that day comes, I just don't have enough land to plant everything so they have enough space for 60+ years.

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Awesome!! Can't wait to see this develop over the years.


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Thanks for the update, Dax. Things look to be moving along quite nicely for you.


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Garen Rees(6a)

I may a have to make a Dax arboretum trip in few year. =)

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sure has changed a lot since I last visited with you - looking good. What are the narrow drifts of plants running up the slope to the road?

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

That will be one classy piece of land during the retirement years. Wouldn't doubt if the value will skyrocket by then!

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I really love the rolling hills. I bet it is magical at sunset.


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Great sunsets for sure. Looking from the front of my house is due west. They're wonderful sunsets.

Marshall, those are tiled areas where I let whatever grows up stay in place. Otherwise, you'd see rugged cracked ground where water naturally eroded the surface.

I hope I never have to move whaas. This is it for me. I wouldn't change a thing here.

Back to Gary: the rolling hills behind my property are insane. They're HUGE! Beautiful land. None of it's for sale, I looked :) We're talking 50-100' tall rolling hills.

Thanks everybody,


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