More Planting to do. Went to the local Nursey again today.

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)May 10, 2012

Well, I went and bought plants last week Tuesday and this week I went today, Thursday. Today I only went to one nursery but I was able to get everything I set out for so didn't have to go elsewhere.

Meantime, those plants I bought last week and already planted are growing like crazy already. Here are some of the pots on the patio and by the side of the house were I planted Marigolds and mostly impatients.

Here is the pansey bowl planter I made last week.

Today I got a new garden hat and gloves. Plus a Patio Garden Growbag. Also got some floating water hyacinth for the pond but no picture.

Ten bags of compost that are not yet even unloaded from the car!

Here is the catus flowering dahlia I bought. I love dahlias but I simply can NOT grow them from the tubers. All goes well if I cheat and buy one potted though.

Small multi cellpacks of snowpeas, cucumbers and two of Victoria Blue Salvia.

a flat of zinnias

a flat of snapdragons

Plus 12 more tomato plants. I had enough at the 37 I had planted here. But I got it in my head that I wanted BIG BOY tomatoes and hadn't bought any. Then I have no more tomato cages so was researching a staking method called Florida Weave which uses stakes every few plants and uses twine to hold them upright (called a weave). So I really want to do that. Planned on buying a six pack of BIG BOY tomatoes and doing a row of six in the Florida weave style. Well, I did buy the six pack of BIG BOYS but I have no will power. I swear I would buy every type of tomato plant in the nursery if I had room. So I saw these lovely single plants of SUN GOLD and CHEROKEE PURPLE, bought those. So my row of six idea was changed to two rows of 4 idea instead! Then bought a Siberian tomato I will plant between two others already planted here by the house. And I found this patio garden growbag that is 39 inches long so I will put the last three (two FOURTH OF JULY and one SUGERY ) in there.

I had to buy the bagged compost as I will be using to set up the new tomato garden area.

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Oh Rita, Send me some tomatoes! I planted two plants today, and may plant a couple more.

I have no idea how you folks ho live in cooler morning climes can grow daylilies. They pout like spoiled brats when it is cool here. One more cool day and back to normal.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

That is why some of the southern plants that usually do well for you might not be good choices here. Just depends. I really have gone overboard on the tomatoes and am now going to have tomatoes in the middle of the very little lawn I had left here! Wish I could give all my forum friends tomatoes.

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Nancy zone 6

You have maters! I only put out 4 tomato plants, but we don't seem to eat that many. I got 2 Big Boy & 2 of another, but right now haven't a clue what is out there. I love Cherokee Purple tomatoes, but DH doesn't like any except red tomatoes. No yellow, pink, purple, hates cherry tomatoes too, although I should have a few volunteers of those. Maybe not, haven't seen them yet. Can't buy the heirlooms in the grocery here, they are 3 times the price of other tomatoes. I should grow the heirloom tomatoes & make DH go buy his red maters. Reminds me, I need to get some cukes planted!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I am not done but already tired. Been planting all day. Got most of the annuals in but still have that big flat of zinnias to do.

I planted my peas and am working on the new tomato garden area. I lugged ten bags of compost from out of the car (that I bought yesterday) and dropped them out in the lawn between the terraces garden and the tower square garden. Been arrangeing them to make the new tomato planting space. I am putting bricks to outline (which I have) and need to drive stakes which will be every two plants. I have 8 tomatoes going there. I want to plant them tomorrow so I will just be happy if I actually make the gardenbed today.

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gonegardening(7 VA)

Oh Rita, I don't think you can have too many tomatoes! I think I only have 6 (including Sun Gold which is the only cherry tomato I grow...very prolific and oh so good!)...I wish wish wish I had space for more!

Last year I discovered I could buy a whole box of tomatoes from a local farm in MD. I drove up there twice (trying to avoid traffic...ha), just so I could get the tomatoes! Oh my. So good! I roast them and make my own sauce.

This year, I'm aiming to buy those boxes as soon as they are available! I want to fill my freezer with tomatoes!

Anyway, good luck with the tomatoes! Many delicious bites ahead...and happy flowers, too!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Oh yeah. I am going to have tomatoes up the yazzoo this year what with planting 49 plants. I must be crazy.

I got too tired to finish on the new tomato garden area so I quit. I need to finish putting the bricks around. Pound in posts and then layer newspaper over grass so I can dump out those bags of compost. I am going to be planting in the compost, sorta like the lasangua method of gardening. But so far only have it laid out and centered were I want it.

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I ran to the local nursery today to get a mini rose and a plant for Mom-also came home with a Cherry Brandy Rudabeckia, a lenten rose, Hot Pink Riding Hood penstemon, and Golden Zebra daylily. I liked the striped leaves.

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