Propagating red currants

bad_dog(NW Canada)March 12, 2010

I have one red currant bush and it looks awfully lonely so I'd like to try propagating a few more bushes. I have never tried root cuttings before so would like a little direction. When is the earliest that I can take cuttings from my bush. It is not totally snow free yet here and it's well below 0 (C) at night. I have root stim, is that what most of you use? What kind of medium do I put the cuttings into. A neighbour says I should just put them in a pail of water but I think I read somewhere that this just waterlogs the roots and they don't function properly when potted.

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Are the stems long enough that you could just bend them over and sink them under some soil come spring? They root easily this way.

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bad_dog(NW Canada)

Thanks, I have tried that with my gooseberry plants with some success. I am just anxious to get started on something for my garden and it's too early to start my tomatoes. I haven't tried cuttings and thought that now is the time.

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Sherwood Botsford(3a)

My book says for red-currents:
Hardwood cuttings to midwinter. 1 foot long. Remove buds from bottom, 7 inches, stick 6" into potting media. No mention of bottom heat.

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The variety you are growing is probably Red lake. If you take dormant cuttings you can propogate them quite easily. I have just put them directly into the ground with lots of success. If you use bottom heat it's important to make sure the ambient air temperature isn't to warm otherwise the plant will throw out leaves and won't root.

Good luck

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Can I propagate red currants in the late summer?

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