Problems Rooting in Sphagnum Moss :(

auburn014February 11, 2013

I have been trying to root cuttings for a little over a month with little success.

My first batch, I did the damn newspaper and ziplock bag approach. Of 5 cuttings, one rooted. I suspect I kept them too damp.

On my current batch, I decided I would try the sphagnum moss in a plastic box approach. I started these a week ago. I soaked the moss, squeezed it out well, as much as I could get out, and when I checked them yesterday, the sphagnum moss had a thin layer of the dreaded cotton looking mold/fungus on top. It has been kept in a closet at about 70 degrees. Is this going to kill the cuttings? Did I do something wrong :(?

Thanks for any help

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wisner_gw wisner

I would take the cuttings out of the moss and wash them in cold soapy water. You could add 1% bleach to the water. I would remove the moss and put in new moss. Maybe use less wetting of the moss this time. Also, open the lid on the container daily for a minute or two to let in fresh air. I don't think it is necessary to keep the cuttings in the dark, just leave them on a counter somewhere in your house. Good luck with them. Last year I started a lot of cuttings. I did a few in the moss, some I put straight into cups and put inside plastic totes, some I put directly into pots outside with no covering. I had good success with all three methods. Post again if you have more questions.

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Squeeze the heck out of the sp moss! Fill up the container so there's less air space. Much better success rate.

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1% bleach will get you nowhere. Use 10%. Soak the cuttings for about 30 seconds. Wet the sp moss with the bleach solution also.. Squeeze out and allow to air a few minutes to disapate clorine.

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I will try that. Thank you all. I rinsed the cuttings with 10% bleach before I put them in the moss, assuming that would be enough, but only wet the moss with water.

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