Fig Cuttings Progress 2013

tmc2009February 10, 2013

Here is a video on further progress on cuttings that are now forming some secondary roots and forming leaves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fig cuttings progress 2013

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Watched lots of your videos and really enjoy your efforts.

What mix are you using for your potted fig trees? My fig adventure is about to begin and wondering what media to plant in?

I'm not far away from you. I'm in Portsmouth, RI.


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Man, TMC is good in making u-tube videos!

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RI-Mike, I started using a mix of pine bark that I sifted through 1/2 in mesh with garden soil and perlite. The larger trees I use garden soil with perlite and I fertilize according to the info on website. I'm not using perlite and vermiculite to start cuttings anymore. It cuts out the process of transitioning from the perlite which always stressed the cutting and resulted in broken roots.

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