Bizzarria Di Sori

rafedFebruary 1, 2010

I found this in the website; BIZZARRIA DI SORI

It looks like a Panachee but it's more flat and wide than the Panachee.

Can they be related or are they two different figs?


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I seem to recall that particular site had a bunch of fig pictures early last year that were "Photo Shopped" into various shades and colors of the same Panachee fig. The fig pictured is a Panachee.

A couple of years ago, there was a rumor on the fig forum about a white stripped black fig (sort of like a yellow striped green Panachee) found in the swamplands of South Louisiana. It supposedly was known as the ZEBRA fig.....but, that turned out to be just a joke played on a fig collector who thought he didn't need any more varieties for his collection. He sure was interested in that ZEBRA fig......and many others too.


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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

There are striped figs besides Panachee in Europe known by different names.
here's one called as Paratjal Rimada.
As you see when this fig is in its early stages it looks very similar to panachee, as it matures and fully ripens it turns purple but keeps the strieps. The wood is also striped similar to panachee. This one ripens before panachee.

There are about 6 different varieties of striped figs grown in Spain.


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When does a sport of a known fig become a new variety? I would assume that the only way to know for certain if the fig on the referenced website were different would be to grow them side by side with a known Panachee. Main crop Smith figs have no indication of strips;however, late season figs sure can develop prominate purple strips making the figs look completely different. (Purple striped late season Smith figs are excellent tasting.) SOME strains of the LSU Tiger figs have VERY pronounced dark stripes on the those of a Bengal Tiger. The stripes are about 1/8 inch wide and very evenly spaced around the is a beautiful rare fig. I did not have a camera when I saw a small tree full of real Tiger figs for the first time last year. Panachee (AKA Tiger) does not look like a Tiger as much as the LSU Tiger fig does......go figure.

Nice pictures. Thanks for posting.


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So, I might post this, I have noticed that my Los Lunas my have stripes and my research from a fellow from Spain had thought based on the history of my fig, that it may belong to the same family of Panachee:

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I have that fig of yours and can't wait to see how well it does in my area.


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Dan, when they start to crack and shrivel, they are fantastic. I eat them peel and all.

Here is some of the history and I really want to see how it performs for those who have it:

---me asking---
Would you happen to recognize this fig? I call it the Los Lunas Fig. Actually, I got it from a gentleman that rescued it from a 100+yr old building that was torn down. Los Lunas, NM was a very famous train station town so if I had to guess it would be Italian/Spanish.Many of the inhabitants of Los Lunas were result of Spanish coming thru New Mexico. We have Catholic Spanish churches here that are hundreds of years old that are made from mud bricks! The figs are very tasty and if you look at the pictures we were collecting figs until November!

---the reply---
I think this fig, it is from the "Alacantines" group. It is very similar to "carabasseta". The "carabasseta" fig was and it is growing in the Balearic Islands.These figs types was used to dry also to fresh. The monks that populated the churches, they came mainly from "Mallorca".

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Jose, that is some good information.

We had both Spanish and French control of Louisiana way back it wouldn't surprise me to find some of their great figs growing here during one of my fig hunts. I have a FMV free Black Mission strain which may have originated from the time of the Spanish rule in La. It is an excellent fig.

I really like the fact that your fig has a small closed eye and the fact that its flavor is fantastic in your climate. You have tasted many figs so your taste scale is well calibrated like mine. I'm betting that it will be an excellent cultivar for growing in the hot/humid South. I like the fact that it is a later season fig. Those are the particular varieties that I am seeking to trial here in La. Anything ripening beyond the normal Celeste fruiting period will be a BIG BONUS to the fig lovers in my State.


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Dan, you have mail.

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'Bizzarria di Sori' is the name given to a striped fig by a famous Italian Nursery: Vivaio Belfiore' of Florence.
But it is just a fancy name to indicate the fig 'Panachee'.

In Italy we have also another striped fig that is the 'Rigato del Salento' or 'Rigato' or 'Rigata' that is different from 'Panachee'.
But the striped are more beautiful in the fig 'Panachee', so it is most prevalent.
There is also an genetic study from University of Lecce certifies the difference between these 2 figs
Have a nice day

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Panachee goes by many names and can be a bit confusing.

Abuldufada Rimada
Bordissot Blanc Rimada

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

When I see the Panache fig, all I can think of is little hot air balloons. Very pretty figs.

Are Panachee and panache, from different languages?

Panache means something like, flair, something flashy. That fits well, IMO.


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