Questions about waking up a dormant fig tree

rafedFebruary 5, 2011

Like most of you, I've been itching to get the fig season started.

There's a need to feed the addiction.

My questions;

Can I bring into the house now a dormant fig in a somewhat frozen pot and wake it up?

Or should I wait and let nature take its' course so that the plant will acclimate to the changing environment?

What would you do?


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I try to make it brief not to bore anyone here.
I know your climate Rafed its best to wait and just get a jump start in early spring with the containers by bringing in and out of garage at the right time.

you feel that they will die cause there not in proper storage.

Otherwise by bringing any in much warmer house you will have to wait till outdoor temps are real nice to accimilate back outdoors when time comes otherwise you will set them back.
Been there done that.
Just my opinion and nothing else. ; )

I do have some waking up in house for different reasons not related to this thread.

Near Chicago,Illinois
Zone 5

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Good advise Martin. The only plants I have put in a warm spot in the house this week are some bare rooted small plants I was given that were coming out of dormancy.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Agreed - keeping your potted trees cold as long as you can will leave you with a tree that has more leaves and branches and better growth (increase in mass) in the upcoming growth period. I wish I could keep my trees colder longer, but they always leaf out well ahead of our 'last expected frost' date, so I wind up moving them in and out of the garage as temperatures allow. Trees in the process of leafing out need strong light or they weaken quickly, not to mention the fact that reduced light makes the branches weak and gangly, and internodes longer than we prefer.


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