Suprise guest today...

keesha2006(5)May 17, 2010

This afternoon in the pouring rain..I had a visitor. I was yaking on the phone to my daughter looking out across my deck onto the lawn. And up over my picket fence just as smooth as silk comes a big soaking wet racoon. Did it like he has done it a hundred times...went down under the bird feeder and ate seeds. He lumbered back over the fence just as easily as he came when I went to take his picture...darn thing....he better keep his hands off my goldfish and my foo foo dogs :)

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

lol. At least he didn't do a midnight raid on the can you keep the seed in!! I keep my seed in a metal trash can,cause the squirrels chewed through the plastic one. I heard the lid rattle and bang one night - I looked out my bedroom window and and he looked up - sitting right inside the can, munching away.

You're right, he probably had done it a hundred times. He will eat your goldfish; he and the dogs will have a mutual respect thing going on. My cats did, anyway, with all of the raccoons that came and went at my place! It was maybe 40 lbs. or more?? It might be a female. I'd tell you to hire a service, but they won't catch them at this time of year, in case they have babies somewhere. I don't have any idea how close to country you are, but, I used to trap them in a live trap. They love peanut butter, and you won't interest any cats, etc. with that. Once you catch Mr. or Mrs. Stinky (oh yeah, they are)you can relocate them. Keep your fingers outside of the cage. I used to drive them out further into the country, and find a nice woods, not too near any houses. There is lots of real Raccoon food for them at this time of year. It's not legal everywhere to do this. If you are squeamish about the babies being left alone, remember, Mama will show them all of her tricks as they grow up. In my experience. Good luck.


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We want him out of here :) My hubby suspects her might live in the neighbors brush pile. We had been blaming the squirrels for chewing thru the seed bin but I bet it was him now. My hubby is calling some of his pals today looking for a live trap. My dogs would corner him in a heartbeat I think...they have no sense about intruder is an intruder to them. I bet it would be ugly. He was not one bit concerned about me. He let me walk within ten feet of him before he lumbered back over my fence. I got the feelin as he was looking at me, he was saying, aww shucks lady, go back in your house, I am leavin :). About a month ago, I found some very large poo on the patio that looked strange...I betcha it was a gift from that coon. As soon as I can find a live trap..he is outa here.. :) Thanks Nancy for your advice. I did not know they like peanut butter. I will use that for a tempt..

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

That's great that you can get a trap. You are right - it will not be pretty if your doggies try to corner him. They might look cute, but they are vicious. If anyone nay-says to you, tell them you'll drop him by their place. lol.

Happy hunting! Nancy.

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Those darn things ate DH's Koi,not once but twice!! Now he just has goldfish in the pond.We keep telling him to put chicken wire or something over it,he won't hear of that,ruins the look!!!!

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Same thing happened to my Koi, several times.
Plus they killed many of my chickens and guineas over the years.

Yes, do beware. They will sometimes attack humans and pets, especially dogs. They can easily kill a dog, even big ones.

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