Too early to uncover fig tree?

goodground(z6 NJ)February 6, 2008

When is a good time to uncover a buried fig? I know it's early and we're still going to get some very cold days here in Northern New Jersey but I'm concerned about it getting too warm when spring arrives under all the bags of leaves covering it. Today we were in the low 60's. When do you Jerzey guys start uncovering your fig trees? Thanks

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Take your cue from mother nature & uncover when other figs &/or mulberry trees (cousins - both in family Moracea) are beginning to leaf out.


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Thanks tapla. That is good info for me to use. Now I do not have to look at the tall maple trees to see new buds growth. I have two weeping mulbury plants in the front yard and at eyes level. This year I can bring my two fig plants out on time and later get some ripe figs (instead of just one that we had last year that I had to share with my wife).

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Play safe - uncover Labor Day week-end

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Labour day!
Labour day is on the first Monday of September each year.
That is when the figs ripen (or at least some varieties) and ready for eating. Yum Yum....

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

I usually aim for around mother's day.

Of course I peek frequently before that as well.


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Of course, the September time (frame) must be a JOKE...
George (NJ).

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Please be very careful, there are some new and naive
fig-guys/gals that may interpret things literally, same
as I fell for the (special fig ) Zebra fig ...
(lol! - 1st and hopefully last me saying [dem IT l*l).

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gene_washdc(zone 5a)

George, don't feel too bad about the Zebra fig, here's one that comes pretty close:

Photo from: Caracterització de cultivars de figuera a Mallorca
(4th title down the list; lots of nice pictures in book, written in Catalan; very large file)

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goodground(z6 NJ)

Thanks for the suggestions. I was concerned about it getting too warm while it's still covered.

I think he meant Memorial Day! : )

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check for your area the safe date to plant potatoes
for your area and that should be pretty accurate,
naturally if the year is colder than usual.
wait maybe a week or two.
this is pretty well accepted advice.


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When I lived in New York I used to uncover my figs about March 15. A local grower used to wait until May. When he unwrqapped his figs that late there was some dead wood and etiolated foliage from growing in the dark. I long since abandoned wrapping my figs, and found that they tended to do better than people who protected their plants. Of course, I was careful to NEVER encourage late season growth because that growth is very cold sensitive. In zones 6b/7a, you should be able to unwrap your plants by early April, or even late March. I would NOT wait until late May, for sure!

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We always waited to St. Josephs Day. Ciao

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april 15 is a great date for your area

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Stick to tapla's advice, DOIT along with nature...

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If you uncover (or take out) the tree while it is still dormant, it is protected from cold snaps and will come out of dormancy "naturally" at its own pace.
If you wait until it is out of dormancy, you have to protect it from freezing temperatures.
For years, I kept my figs in the garage until they broke dormancy, and then pulled them out in the morning, and in at night. I felt that I was "giving them a head start". After a few years, I realized that I wasn't getting figs any faster (the cool night temperatures in the garage saw to that) and just put them outside when the weather seemed likely to stay above 20 degrees.
Being in New England, I did watch for any really big temperature fluctuations, and was prepared to protect them.
If they are dormant, figs only need to be protected from extreme cold - not freezing temperatures.

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Hi Fignut:There are allwayes different opinion about every Subjiect.
It will be nice if people only give there opinion based solely on what they learned from their own experience.
It will be a lot simpler for all of us.
I absolutelly had the same exact experience with my trees as you had with yours.
Because of it this year i was allready taking off some of the blankets,on some trees that had too much protection.
I did it because about a week ago we had a couple of days with 70 * F.But i left at least one on each tree because they still need protection,but not as thick as in January.
I did it because i noticed the trees are swetting too much,and stay wett too long.
So in fact we need to give more care ,than just wrapping and unwrapping,in order to have the trees alive and well in Spring.
Best Regards to all.

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