Jurupa Pixes

herman2_gwFebruary 15, 2011

This cultivar makes outstanding good fruits with a totally closed eye,and peach interior.

No wonder WHY it was ejected out from the,Ira Condit, UCD Program.

Talk about taste buds. It must be something wrong with me that I like this one and not the chosen ones.

Lucky for Julius Enderud ,that smagled it out,and saved this cultivar.

I really would like to Know more about Julius Enderud as a person,but I did not find anything else outside that he saved the Jurupa cultivar.

So far I discarded all UCD Hybrids,for being bland tasting or very late to ripe,yet I am sure this one got a place in my backyard.

Thanks Julius Enderud

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Looks yummy! Tried to order cuttings from Jon at F4F but apparently he was out within minutes of taking orders :-( . Thanks for posting the pics.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Hi Herman,

How does it taste besides outstanding? What makes it outstanding?



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Exterior and interior color ,taste,the fact that it has a totally closed eye,the fact that is not bland like other hybrids,and the fact that it got ripe in my climate,wich doesn't have the required heat to ripe white cultivars.
It has a fig taste,and if it would have been bad,I would have remembered that too.
So Julius Enderud ,I found out,now was a senior Technician,at the UCD Laboratory,and an avid Grafting enthuziast,and he knew a good fruit plant when he found one.So when the Fig collection was moved from Riverside,to Winters,Ca,This one was left behind as a no worthy hybrid toghether with hundreds of others,as a result of selection.
He took this one out and planted it at the Jurupa Mountain Cultural center.
Then later someone else salvaged cuttings and grew them in San Jose Ca,as the original tree was devored by gophers.

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Nice to hear good words from Herman for fig I am growing. My potted Jurupa did not ripen fruit in the 2nd summer of its life in my location. I hope that it will ripen some this coming summer to taste.

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Herman thats great news, I do have a small Jurupa that will be in its 2nd season this year and will take good care of it. Herman do you agree that hybrid figs generally take longer to produce figs?

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I do not Know to be the true for sure,but yes Jurupa was shy in producing for the first three years.
I also had productive hybrids,like Conadria ,278/i28,143/36.
The main problem with these California Hybrids,is that most of them require more heat than we can provide in cold climates,and so therefor,they get ripe very late ,if at all depending on how hot and how long,the Sommer is.
Over all they are not a good match for northern climates for the above reasons.

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Herman, thanks for the great info. on Jurupa. I knew I should have bought that one when I had the chance, but now I know. I should do great here in Texas. Tim

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Vasile, excel also does well here in Toronto for a white fig and similar to Jurupa as it is also yellow skinned with yellow pulp and very good tasting.

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Yes it is like you say(EXCELL),but in my garden,it was splitting,and sucking water ,inside fruit,bad enough to think it is not good for my area.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)


I would listen to your evaluation of a fig without reservation.

I suppose this is the next, gotta have, fig for everyone, eh? It's sure pretty with that peach-colored pulp and yellow skin. And it has a fig taste, to boot. I wonder how it would do down here..... ;)


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Vivian:In your Zone yes,it is a must have.
In my zone,and colder, :Not Necesary:Why:
Because yesterday,I uncovered the havy winter protected fig to take a look how is doing,and it died half way down,despite havy protection.
It was not producing a lot of fruits so it was not overworked and out of energy.
The wood was old wood because the tree is 5 years old and it grew very slow,so I found no other explanation,outside that it is only marginally hardy.
I would like to reiterate again that my goal is not,having a fig collection,here in NJ,but Having a selection of fig trees that resist our cold and rainy climate.
This is how I fill I can be of Help to gardeners in the US,and also make a few dollars selling a few cuttings and plants from my best behaving selections.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Tell you what, Herman--You could send that tree to me and we could see how it grows down here..... :) ?

The trouble with the Jarupa, is it seems like it's too hard to obtain, or I would try it, with its closed eye and heat-seeking needs. I think I'm too much of a newbie, though, to get a well-sought-after tree from anyone just yet.

We surely need people like you and others up there checking out the different fig trees to see how they do and like Dan, down here, who is studying varieties to see what does well down this way and it's so helpful to the rest of us.

Celeste used to do well for me years ago, but it seems to be so much hotter now. It's been so very hot and dry in the past several years that Celeste drops its fruit. They start out great and the dry heat hits and the figlets drop like rain even with watering. I can see it happen in front of my face--One day, the figs are just fine and the next, they get that look to them and they're gone.

Have you tried the Hunt variety up there, Herman? It seems that Hunt is wanting to drop fruit in the high heat here, too. If you have a Hunt tree, has it dropped fruit in the heat?

My goal, is as yours in your climate: to have a selection of figs that love the heat and do well in our (sometimes) hot/dry and hot/humid/rainy climate. I don't want any figs that have to be coddled in order to live here. Eating figs is what I want and to do so, we have to have the trees that do well here.

Thanks for all the help and information you do provide for us,


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Sorry ;I did not look for a Hunt,for the very reason of not having another one dropping fruits like Celeste ,Pastiliere,Santa cruz dark,from the top of my head.
I was busy looking for a Celeste that doesn't drop,and tried about 6 cultivars,and they all did.
I kept only Blue Celeste,only,nicer color fruits).
My opinion at this point is that only Celeste Hybrids do not drop fruits,as I have noticed ,Improved Celeste(Orourke not)really keeps all fruits,and they are not bad eather.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

I guess that Hunt isn't such a panacea of a fig, then, which is very disappointing.

I'm going to try a blue Celeste if I can get it to root, but won't be surprised if it drops fruit. Won't it be so funny if it turns out to be the same as the Celestes I already have?

If we would have some rain that would be steady during the fruiting time, but not torrential and we would have some cloud cover, I wonder if the Celestes would do better. I am going to try shade cloth over the tree in the back, but I'm sure it's the high heat.


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hey noss, i also live in lafayette. i have a young jurupa that died this winter but returned and seems to be doing well. i think i'll be getting a few figs off of it soon. it's a young tree but i think i can get you a cutting this fall. i also have a hunt and hopefully i'll see some figs.
let me know.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Hey Fernando,

Not too many people on the forums are right around here. Where do you live? We live off Johnston near River's Bend.

I'd like to try a cutting, but I'm not doing so well with the ones I've tried so far. Very discouraging.

I'm glad your Jurupa came back to life this spring and I hope you get some good figs from it. Please let us know how they taste?

How old is your Jurupa tree?

I have kept young trees in pots for the first several years so I can protect them from "severe" (I know, you guys up North KNOW we don't know what real cold is down here, but it gets really cold from time to time--We've even had ice storms a time, or two!) cold. The problem here is a tree can be dormant, but it will get warm enough to need the A/C in the "winter", so the sap starts running and then the weather will freeze and so will the little tree and it will rupture all over and kill the tree.

My little babies in pots did great through the winter. I covered them when it got down low and put gallons of hot water under the sheets when it got into the high teens a couple of times. As little as they were, they didn't get frost damage.

My Hunt is doing well so far this year and I hope to be able to taste some finally.


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hello noss, i actually live on the south side of lafayette down the street of hampton toyota. i have a camp in the nort part of town off the vermilion river and it is there where i plant my trees. most of my trees are young and my jurupa is about two years. i think you would be intersted on how i propergated about fifteen improved celeste and got a high success rate. email me at ferdflo@gmail.com and we'll compare notes. take care!

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I have a small Jurupa in a pot that is a couple of years old now, and this year I should get to taste it's figs, if the squirrels or birds don't get them. I'll report back to share my thoughts.


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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Thanks Fernando,

I'll email you soon.


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