What fig variety is this?? (we're in Australia)

GrowforHealth(11b)February 27, 2014

It would be great if you could help us identify this fig we are growing.

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Just picked the above bunch in the rain and we have about 4-5 varieties (5 trees) in total and this one seems to hold better in the rain than the others - it seems to ripen BEFORE it starts to open, rather than during or after, comparatively at least!

It definitely isn't the same as our Brown Turkey tree, and doesn't seem to be Black Genoa either - it's very fat and round - it looks a bit like the picture captioned 'Black Mission' at this page but after google image'ing 'black mission' it looks like they got that wrong!

So we're very confused - basically, the nursery we bought it from seems to have mislabelled it or it got lost in translation somewhere between them and their supplier.

We're in Australia.

Thanks for your help!

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Can you take a picture of one cut open?

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Thank you for your help!

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After careful re-checking, we've basically worked out that it's Brown Turkey. Tricky things to identify, but we've cross-referenced it with what we bought, where we got it from (i.e. what varieties they were selling at the time), and other telling photos on the internet, especially in our country Australia! It's definitely Brown Turkey...

but at anytime, anyone with further thoughts will always be appreciated :).

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Or you can attached your name to it and bam! You have a new variety. They do look different (striped skin) than brown turkey. They look great! Congrats.

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But a google image search of 'brown turkey fig' shows a looot of stripes! I think the green bits in between the purple stripes just darken in colour (to make more or less full purple) by the end - we just had to pick ours not fuuuuuully ripe due to the rain...so there's more green on them in our photos. Hmm

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Try over at the Figs4Fun forum, there are a few Australian members. You should also take pics of some leaves, the ones high up on the plant that receive lots of sun. A picture of the whole tree is helpful too.

Don't go naming it after yourself, lol. People might think you are an egomaniac ; )

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Your Fig is Sicilian Black.
It is not black enough,in your pix ,because it is not totally ripe.
That is ,either because of climate or it was taken out too soon.
If left to ripe it will turn black ,with deep red interior.

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