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recoil_rob(6)March 30, 2012

With the warm weather here in NY the last few weeks I see that my potted trees, which are kept in a dark, unheated garage, have popped a few small pale leaves and a couple tiny fruits. They were cut way back in the fall, from 5-7 feet tall down to 3-4. I won't be pulling them out for at least another couple weeks when the frost danger is over.

I thought I had cut off all fruit buds in the fall.

Should I nip off these leaves and fruits?



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Rob, We also live in NY. Last week it was in the 70's here, now it's been freezing again. We had put our potted figs out last week and they started getting small leaves, then we brought them in the house and put them in a cool sunny room the evening before the "killing freeze" returned. I was so suprised this morning to see a little breba fig on on of my new fig trees that I potted last spring. I am going to let the new leaves and breba live, they have brought such joy to me. This is actually my first breba...I will let put them back outside when it is warm enough.

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