Pear not ripening

aliciahere_zone3aMarch 8, 2012


We moved into our house in May of 2011, and we have three wonderful fruit trees. An apple, a crabapple, and a pear. Everything was loaded last year (must have been a perfect year for fruiting trees). I really don't know a lot about pears and pear trees, and I don't know the varieties of any of them.

I do know that you pick the pears when they are still hard, and that they ripen up after you pick them. However, all of the pears went bad before they ripened. They started going brown from the inside out. I had some pears sitting on a ledge in the basement (though it is a warm basement), and some in our fridge crisper. All of them went bad. Any ideas about what is going on, or how I could get them to ripen up? Thanx, Alicia

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

My guess it's the variety, probably one of the old tart one's, David or John.
You might think they're not ripe because they taste tart, one's they brown up from the inside, they're beyond ripe.
Check seed, when brown, the pear is ripe. You could still can them, cock in sugar water and can...actually they don't taste too bad then. Makes good Jam!
Used to have a tree like that when I bought it, the grower said that it had 2 variety grafted to it,..several years later I found out that wasn't the case, only one, then I grafted most of the top over, only have one small branch with the tart one, usually now I juice them up into the apple juice.

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bluegoat_gw(Zone 3b)

Pears ripen from the inside out. For those pears that don't change colour when ripening, squeeze the neck just below the stem to see if it is softening.

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