Found Fig Trees In Pennsylvania

debbies_cockatiels_2(__6 Philly PA.)March 26, 2010

I went to a Nursery in Newtown Square and they

had Celeste Fig Trees & Brown Turkey Fig Trees they were 49.99 or 59.99 I can't remember.

Then I went to another Nursery in

Exton Pa. and they had Negronne Fig Trees &

Lattarulla Fig Trees they were 49.99 each .

All of the fig trees are between 2 to 3

feet tall with good branching. I do not know

if they are true to type or not . They are the

first I found for sale in my area .If you want

more information e-mail me. Debbie

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

That is probably 2x what I would be willing to pay for anything. Especially a Brown Turkey (wouldn't bother to buy it, but that's just me). Celeste, I might give someone $15 for. Negronne and Lattarula ... I could see paying $25 for trees that tall with good branching and good health.

But that's just me :)

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

I didn't know fig trees are that expensive. I probably will not pay that much for a fig tree...but I did pay more than that for tropical fruit tree. I really need to quit spending all my money on trees and garden supplies.:)

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That is probably 3-4 time what fig trees cost in nurseries here. I am continually amazed how much higher prices are in some parts of the country. I'm sure it's related to the cost of doing business, though.(Higher taxes & fees, short seasons, etc.)Tim

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For that price I can purchase 2 or 3 or even maybe 4 fig trees and delivered from many well known forum members.

At least for the most part you will get what it is labeled to be. It doesn't matter on the size they come in. Fig trees grow quick.

And I do agree with Jason.


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I would pay what every the person I approach ask for his tree. I have paid almost $100 for a tree from Belleclaires. I guess you can say I would pay market. More rare trees demand a higher price.

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Everyone is different when it comes to spending money on something because of there funds, situation, etc.
Same thing when it comes to figs everyone has there opinion on what is good to them and what they don't care for.
Ive noticed by reading the forums some plants of the same type can vary in prices across the states for various reasons.
After a while a person gets a good idea though on what a standard fig plant such as celeste , turkey, hardy chicago etc will average in cost. One has to be careful in getting the type that is advertised as there are some places that really dont know what they have as some have experienced from some stores then there are shipping cost , size and how plant is shipped such as in its soil or bareroot, dormant etc. The bigger the plant the more shipping will be.
For some of the more Uncommon types they can cost much more than most are willing to pay until it gets more widely distributed.
When one is first starting out its best to get a fig plant that would do good in your climate and begin to start to enjoy the fruit or your waisting time and money in my opinion and afterwards when more familar with these plants you can explore many of the different types and there challenges in certain climates like i enjoy doing.
Its a lot of fun when you see them produce and enjoy there taste, but the wrong type for your climate first starting out will probably be frustrating.

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If you are in Pennsylvania, you are in BASS playground. Drop by(or phone call) his place. I am sure one will find a ton of useful info. as well as savings. He's a regular member with many happy customers.

Martin - you are 100% correct on the importance of source as well as on the starting out comment on getting the right tree for the right zone.

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You are right. I too have paid some large $$$ for fig trees but I will never spend $50 on a Celeste or BT. or Negronne.

I have paid as much as $100 on a fig tree and was very pleased because I know the seller could have gotten at least $50 to $100 more than I paid. It's supply in demand, And right now there's no demand for the cultivars from the Pa. nursery.

And Paul you are so correct, Why not give Bass a call? At least you will rest assured you got what you ordered. If you buy a Brown Turkey then that' what you get, And if you buy Negronne then that's what you get. So on and so forth.


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I found Celeste Figs at Lowes for 9.99 last week. It was the Lowe's on Brandywine Parkway in WIlmington, DE. They were about 1-2 feet tall. I have one and they grow very fast. I bought my fig for $30 at home depot 2 years ago. It was 2 feet tall in spring but it was 5 feet tall and producing fruit by the end of the summer.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

I live not too far away from Wilmington, DE. Is this the Lowe's next to Target and Micheals? I'll go there and get one too. :)

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There are just too many strains of Celeste figs around & many mislabeled plant stocks in garden centers. I would check around this forum for some reliable sources and go with what is proven. A cheap thing is not always good and a good thing is not always cheap -- I learn that well with figs.

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Yes this was the Lowes by Michaels and Target.

I don't really know about different types of figs. I just wanted one that would produce fruit that I could eat. They tasted great and were golf ball sized so I was happy with mine. I got about 15 figs that first year. Good luck with your fig!

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

hhehehehe...I got some good varieties from Bass but then 9.99 is considered I heard Celeste is an okay fig so I should try it too. I also need a fig tree for experiment where I can plant it in the ground here. All kind of figs are supposed to be good for you, right? I guess as long as the fig is sweet then it's good? Another reason is because I need to eat some okay figs so I can appreciate the good figs. Am I making any sense here....LOL.

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ch3rri -- you are on the right track with BASS. I wish I have a fig guru staying within a 4 hr drive zone. Yes, everything make sense - its a base. With time you will enjoy your figs like a good quality class of wine. LOL.

Jon(EncantoFarms) has probably a dozen or so Celeste strains. Well not all are productive, some drop figs like rain, some heavily infected by ??? and some differ in reliabilities etc. For 9.99 you may be able to get a great cutting & play roulette that it roots & survive after 1st potting. For good variants - plant that implies promise of vigor, reliability, sweetness, complex flavors from a reliable source, its my opinion that getting a tree from regular forum members gives you assurance. Not to forget the hours that you are putting in to expect deliverance. In time, I am sure you'll progress beyond mere enjoyment of fig's sweetness to that of flavors. Just my 2 cents thoughts.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

I went out to look for fig at Lowe's and Homedepot today and no more fig trees. I didn't see any at Lowe's or Homedepot. I also went to Trader Joes hoping to find some fresh figs. Guess I'll have to wait until my fig trees for fruits. I'm really dying to try some.

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Well ,as a matter of Fact,the Celeste I bought from Lowes,was not a Celeste,but a Hybrid of Celeste.
What was the difference:
Larger fruit with Large eye that sour very badly and became mushy and lost Flavor,at the smallest rain shower,in my climate.
The original Celeste never sour orspoil,or loses flavor,because,of rain.

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I've bought 3 to 4 feet ones at the CO-OP for $26 and one time at Walmart for $19. Lowes sometimes has small ones for $10

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So after reading this thread I ran to my Lowes (mantua township NJ). They had brown turkey, Kadota and black mission. I decided on the Kadota as they looked the best. The stem was only about 13-14 inches but looked nice and mature, slightly thicker than my pinky (Im female for those that dont know :-) so dont think man finger, lol. A few thin stems spread out from the main and it had a nice amount of leaves. Its pretty healthy looking. For $10 I couldn't resist one. Do I have to keep it in the pot, or is it safe to plant at this stage?

Thanks all!!


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ch3rri(z6 PA)

please share some pictures. I want to get some for $10 too but there is none at my Lowe's. :(

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I live in Jacksonville Florida. I bought a Brown Turkey Fig tree at Hall's Nursery for $4.99 @ 12 inches, they had 3 foot Figs for only $6.99, also for the same prices they have Celeste. (All very healthy)

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Wow..these figs are so cheap. Why can't all the other good fig be this cheap. :)

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Ch3rri..dont have a photobucket so Im posting flickr album I just made. Hope you can see it. Maybe you can call the next nearest lowes?

Also, maybe someone can help me identify if one plant is actually a fit? I left a note under the fig in question.


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ch3rri(z6 PA)

I went to Lowes today because I need some stones. Then I spotted some figs. There are many brown turkey but only one black mission. Since everyone say brown turkey is not that great so I got the black mission. I also got a 10% discount coupon. So my fig is only $9.:)

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