yellow allamanda not blooming getting leggy

vipatio50October 21, 2010

i have 22 planted yellow allamana. they loog healthy as far as full leaves but i have not had blooms. also same problem with my bougaimvillea trellis there growing high full but not one bloom

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You need to put this in discussions, but I think the problem really is that you are using too much nitrogen fertilizer on them. Bougainvillea thrive on neglect. Don't water them at all in the winter. They do best in poor soil, plain old sand is best, and only fertilize in the summer when it's raining. They won't bloom unless they are dry.

I don't know what kind of alamanda you have, so I can't say what's wrong with them, but if they are shrubs, and you are keeping them pruned, you are probably pruning the blooms off.

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Can yellow allamanda (bought on trellis in 3 gallon pot,bottom 18 inches just woody, top w leaves and blooms) take full all day sun in summer zone 10b?

Is shrub the same as vine, just pruned to shape, or are they different plants?

Mine has no kind of viney growth; was it just not pruned at nursery so bottom is all woody?

I have seen a gorgeous, bushy hedge of 3 ft x 3 ft yellow allamanda up the street.

I'll take a vine, or a full bushy hedge, but I don't want a leggy in-the-middle thing.


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