pictures of rooted cuttings

luv_figsMarch 4, 2010

hi guys,

so i love looking at rooted cuttings, specially the roots. i like to see if the roots are white, brown, stringy, etc. do you guys want to post some pics of your cuttings? i've seen some of the giant root ones, but would like to see more of a variety to see what the normal folk get.



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xgrndpounder(Z 8 E. Tx.)

Hi Jen,

I don't know if "i'm normal but here are some JH Adriatic
roots...I cupped it on 2-12-10


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xgrndpounder(Z 8 E. Tx.)

I decided to show the top side of the J.H. Adriatic

I would say it is lookin good!


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last year my son brought me a limb of a unnamed fig tree and cut 6 nice cuttings and stuck them in a self watering bucket in my yard. They all rooted good and last month a neighbor planted 4 of them in my yard and the other 2 in his yard. They are such nice little bushes now that we are hoping for 2 or 3 figs on each this year. My son didn't know the name of the fig but he said the figs are really good tasting fruit and a really good producing tree. I have great hopes for them.

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I am not watering my root cuttings while in the cup. I don't know if I should.

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Beautiful roots Cecil! What a healthy looking plant. For some reason my roots look very stringy. And its not even from a cutting, its from a young fig tree shipped to me!

Dangsr: you were able to root cuttings in a bucket of water? how did that work? i tried that and got tons of little stubby things, but they didn't grow out into roots.

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Hi.luv-figs I didn't I was I used a bucket of water it is a bucket of soil in a self watering bucket. The cuttings were left in the bucket of soil for about a year to get some real thick healthy roots before moving them into the yard where we wanted to grow them. They are doing great now.

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