How do I plant these cuttings

foolishpleasureMarch 11, 2011

Two of my cuttings 6 inches each were in the bag. Developed roots all over the whole 6 inches and no leaves. Should I plant the whole 6 inches under soil or remove some roots from 3 inches and make it a stem. I am not complaining but I don't have the heart to remove these baby roots.

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Be grateful, roots are preferred and should come before leaves.
Pot them with at least one bud above soil.

Any (unwanted) roots will soon air-dry.

If you want to go crazy:
You can chop the twig up
or plant it horizontally
to have (as some people claim)
more than a 100%+ success.

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Thanks I am really happy with it it was a nice surprise.

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Or you can send me a piece of that cutting. I would be happy to cut into a couple of new trees. You are lucky!!! Iam having a hard time for cuttings to make any roots.

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I watched my old Sicilian grandfather plant cuttings for years and can say I never saw one fail to root. He would take a cutting about 10'' long (preferable with a terminal bud). With a razor blade he would carefully remove the outer bark from the bottom 4''. He would plant In a pot with composted soil. Water,Sunshine,& Love! It worked in St. Louis

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lee_in_iowa(4 to 5 (on the line))

Stunato, how deeply did he take off the bark? Just the outer grey layer? do you remember? Thanks.

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