Black Madeira

thisisme(az9b)March 21, 2013

Anyone have a Black Madeira rooted cutting or tree or even cuttings?

Willing to pay reasonable price. I know reasonable is a relative thing but I'm willing to pay the going price whatever it may be.

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there will be plants on ebay later in the year but they tend to run upwards of $100 for 1 gal. people are fighting tooth and nail for cuttings since it's spring, so I'd just wait until fall if you want to find them at a reasonable price. expect to pay around $20 per cutting in fall and possible double that now. Another good bet is to airlayer your best fig tree and offer it as a trade for a small plant. Black Madeira don't root well from cuttings and a plant could save you a lot of headache and heartbreak. Good luck on your quest and if you ever want to trade a few cuttings please fell free to contact me.

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Yea I was thinking in the $ 45.00-$ 65.00 range for a well rooted cutting.

If no one has one they can let go of there is always UC Davis but thats a long wait from now.

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I know Black Madeira has a reputation for being difficult to root, but in my limited experience, I have just a little more trouble rooting cuttings of Black Madeira than anything else. I don't think of the ones I've tried to root this year that I have lost many and I once rooted and grew 4 trees out of one eight inch BMad UCDavis cutting.
IMO It doesn't really like to throw out big roots while "in the bag"-- a lot of times, it will just develop callus on the base and little white nubs on the bark. At that point I will move them to a cup or even better, keep them horizontal under 1/2 inch of rooting mix in a clear container and check them for roots every few days. They root slowly, but they do root--It just takes them awhile. Just my 2 cents.

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Whoohoo!!! I thought I was going to be skunked but a local friend came through and made my weekend.

Thisisme SMILING BIG right now.

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I'm also looking for a black madeira. Is there anyone local that might have one? I am in Spring, TX and would be more than happy to pay for a cutting.

Also looking to add to my collection of figs. Something out of the ordinary. What else do locals grow around this area?


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I have overpruned my trees this year

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