Land annex in leduc county

beegood_gwMarch 6, 2013

Konrad--- are you in the land area that the city is trying to grab. Be a shame to have to give up your place.

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I hope Konrad responds soon.

Makes my blood boil just thinking of the possibility that land like his and likely other beautiful agricultural land, will be lost to unnecessary development.

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I thought he was north of Edmonton

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No He is in the Beaumont area. The city doesn't care who they step on to get what they want. By the time they say they will have hearings it's usually a done deal.They just pretend that the residents a any input. They took some of \Strathconas land including the garbage dump and then charged us $50 to bring anything there.I sure hope Leduc county can fight this.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

No, I'm not effected, my acreage is about 12min. south of Beaumont. I'm not sure how acreage owners will handle this. Even if you fight to stay put, you'll be smothered by housing and taxes would go up that it would kill you,..pack up and move on I would think?

I liked that farmer's answer on TV when he was interviewed, he said something like this,.. the city should look into their own backyard, like build up inside the city, not always goo around and around.

I was in disbelieve when I've seen the plan of the annexed land proposal, so close to Beaumont,..not even a mile out of town!

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We should get rid of that lot at the next city election.

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