How to water a fig tree in a container ?

sam89(Z10SF)March 30, 2011

I'm new to fig tree planting. I purchased a fig tree (10" whip) in a one gallon pot. I repotted the tree in 3 gallon container. How should I water the tree ? The tree just leafed out yesterday. By the way, the soil I used is Uni-Gro organic potting soil with 10 % Perlite added. If I overwater the tree would the root rot ? The container is under the Sunlight and how can I keep the pot from overheating.

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First of all the container has to have good drainage. Also if you used the right mix of Sphagnum Moss (50%), Soil, Humus, and perlite in equal amounts it does not need much watering. The Sphagnum Moss absorbs and hold water.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Containerized plants should be watered thoroughly, until at least 10-15% of the total volume of water applied exits the drain hole. This flushes accumulating salts from tap water & fertilizer from the soil. If you cannot water this way w/o risking root rot, your soil is inappropriate for the planting and limiting growth/vitality.

Soils comprised of primarily fine particulates like peat/coir/compost/topsoil/garden soil hold excessive amounts of water and are very hard on root health when used conventionally.


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The potting soil is too heavy after watering and the pot is too big for this tiny fig tree. The root ball is small with respect to the pot size. I'll apply some trick by resting the container on garden soil. Let the earth remove excessive water out.
Thanks guys. Al, I read your article about "Dealing with Water-Retentive Soils".

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Most of us are guilty of over watering and I am the first to bleed guilty for that. I read a book written by some PHD in horticulture and he stated that over watering especially when the pot has good drainage system robs the plant of needed nutrients.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I hope you found it helpful, Sam. I see you learned about how to turn your pots into mini raised beds. ;o)

FWIW, I've never depended on the (container) soil to provide any nutrition for any of my trees. It provides so little in the way of nutrients that I prefer to operate as though it provides no nutrients, taking charge of ensuring my trees get what they need through regular, frequent fertilizer applications.


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