I am really worried

foolishpleasureMarch 13, 2011

I had in my yard an apple tree and a pears tree. To say the least I sprayed with all kind of spray but the Cuddling moss destroyed the Crops every year for several years. I got tired and discouraged and removed both trees. Now I have Figs, Apricots, Plums, Peaches and Cherries. I think the cuddling Moss are hiding some where in my yard in the soil or whatever. Can these mentioned fruits get infected by the Cudding Moss. I wish some one knows because I am worried.


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Hi, Are you sure you are spelling the identified problem correctly? I am not an expert, but was curious and google cudding and cuddling moss and the only reference that appears is your question here on GardenWeb.

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harvey12(z7 NC)

Try codling moth (cydia pomonella). Lots of info!!

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I made a mistake I should spilled it Moth instead of Moss. Well I blame it on the Rain that was falling or I blame it on the star that shined that night. I made a lot of research. I am laughing the Cuddling Moss is a spray which makes men like to cuddle with women. But some women say that spray makes men like pussycats and they hate that. They want their men to be wild animal (expression) in bed.
As for fruits Cuddling Moth does not infect fruit trees like Beaches, Plums, cherries and nectarine and Figs. There is another enemy called Oriental Fruit Moth, Plum Curculio and Japanese Beatles. From my research the most effective and economical way of protection is bagging the fruits however there are Limitation to that methods like how can you bag fruits on a large trees, it is either dangerous or impossible. Fortunately there is a spray called SURROUND which is non-toxic and basically leaves a thin powdery layer of clay on the fruit and leaves. It protects the Fruits and the leaves from the pests. The insects either hate it and get disturbed with it or find the Fruits and the leaves unsuitable place to lay their eggs. Great news but every Good things has its side effect, although Surround is not toxic or harmful to human and animals, (as a matter of fact it is eatable) it gets washed by the rain and high wind. So as a minimum you have to spray once a week and after every rain. So I think the combination of Bagging and Surround will work. I am going to use the Bagging and the Surround on my Figs, Beaches, Plums, Cherries, Grapes and Apricot.
Some Gurus are saying you can use Surround on your Vegetables too such as Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers, squash and Egg Plants. On Cantaloupe it may protect against the Ants. But I have not found any spray which protects against Birds, Wasps and squirrels. But Bagging Grapes protect against the Wasps and Bird Net protects my Blue berry from Birds and my pellet gun with rubber bullets protects against the rabbets and squirrels. I think we have very expensive hubby.

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Furnately our figsare safe from this destructive enemy.

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I do not know where you are located,but In NJ ,we have The Plum curculio,and the oriental fruit moth,both,are attacking all stone fruits,like plum cherry peach,etc.
Pomes ,as Apple ,and Quince,are also attacked by some worms,if not sprayed you will find up to three worms in one fruit
Very hard to keep them under control.
Yet fig trees are indeed imune to most bugs

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