Spacing for Skyrocket or Blue Arrow Juniper Hedge

dennis_h(6 (SE Michigan))August 27, 2012

We are going to plant a privacy hedge of Skyrocket or Blue Arrow Juniper. We're in zone 6a and the location is in full sun with good drainage.

We want it dense so you can't see through it. Of course as it thins out near the top there will be gaps, but it would be ideal if it were full for the bottom 8-10 feet at least.

I've seen recommended spacing from 18 inches to 4 feet, with most recommendations in the 2-3' range.

Does anyone have practical experience on how close we could plant these to minimize the gaps?



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I can't speak directly to Skyrocket or Blue Arrow for hedge spacing. There is a Wichita Blue hedge near me planted in 1977, 3-4 ft. spacing. Extremely dense, no gaps.

For your climate, some folks would probably recommend J. virginiana over J. scopulorum.

Good luck!

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dennis_h(6 (SE Michigan))

In the end we talked to two nurseries. Both gave the spread of Blue Arrow as 2-3' and said 2' on center spacing would be fine. That is what we're going to do.

One didn't have any Skyrockets, the other didn't have as many as we needed, so I didn't ask their recommendations for those. I imagine it is the same.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

spacing for a privacy screen is dependent on size at purchase.. and how long you are willing to wait ...

it really has no other variables ...

if you space a 2 foot plant at 3 feet.. you will have your screen some time w/in the next ten years ...

if you are buying 6 foot plants .. that are already 2 feet wide.. and plant them touching.. you are already on your way to a screen ... tag sizes mean absolutely nothing in this project ... as the goal is not a happy independent tree.. the object is a screen ...

i am in the real SE MI ... Adrian ... i suspect with your zone.. you are metro detroit ...

i have gotten rid of ALL my upright junipers.. due to severe tip blight ... you may or may not have this problem ...

but if you were to diversify your screen.. you will avoid a very big problem.. if some plague comes along ... 5 or 10 years down the line ... i suggest every other plant be anything other than an juniper ... perhaps some variation on a thuja.. aka arb ...

do NOT buy any scopulorum ... IMHO ....

in MI.. you arent trying too hard.. if you only have access to two nurseries ...

good luck


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