Which fig in Pacific Northwest?

girlndocs(8 WA)March 12, 2006

I have a birthday coming up and I'm going to get my first fig tree. I live in the Northwestern maritime climate near Seattle, and I'm thinking about either Brown Turkey or Desert King. Any advice or recommendations?

Figs that change color as they ripen appeal to me, but so does the red flesh of the Desert King, and I hear the Desert King is super reliable here.



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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Desert King, Brown Turkey, Lattarula, Neveralla, Peter's Honey (or Italian Honey) are [some] early varieties that will ripen reliably.

Check http://figs4fun.com and use your browser to search for the word "Washington" in the pages of the site.

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Raintree nursery is a good resource, and is located a bit East of Olympia. I think that their recommendations are reliable and appropriate for Seattle. Their varieties should be well adapted for local climate.

Seattle is slightly cooler than Vancouver (WA) where I live, but it might help to know that Brown Turkey and Petite Negri both seem to do well here (my trees are still too young to know for sure). From what I have heard, you are also right about King.

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Anybody heard about Vern's BT. Was told that it was
specially developed for short cool summers like in the NW.

George (NJ).

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Yes, heard of it, but don't have any specific info.

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geofiz(z8 BC)

I have Vern's BT - it is a 2 year old and has yet to
ripen fruit for me. The leaves are clearly different
from English BT; they are deeper lobed and less rounded.
I have heard that it is able to ripen in cooler climates.
From the pictures I have seen of the fruit Vern's BT
is larger, almost spherical shaped with a long neck. If
anyone actually has first hand experience, I would love
to hear it.


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I live in San Francisco where we get even less summer heat than you guys, but still falls into the pacific north west category. In my climate, I highly recommend to skip the Brown Turkey. Not that tasty, and I don't consider it reliable ripening. Didn't work for me, and the figs just sit there for a long time without doing anything.

If you want a fig that changes color from green to purplish / brownish that is ultra reliable in terms of ripening and juicy, you've got to try Osbourne Prolific instead. That'll beat Brown Turkey anyday.

This year my Osbourne even ripened its figs during 14 consecutive days of fog, and mid 60s temperatures. The taste was still yummy. I even hear some people claim that Osbourne can even ripen a crop in partial shade.

From what I tried:
Osbourne and Desert King works.
Excell works too, but not to the same extent as Osbourne and Desert King in terms of ripening reliability under cool conditions.

I heard Laturalla works, but can not verify it yet. My Laturellas haven't bore any fruit yet.

Conadria hasn't worked for me.

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I'm wondering if someone can provide an answer for this. I have a Desert Fig tree. The first year, it had some figs on it but they didn't ripen. This year, it had quite a few and they remain green and hard. I transplanted it to a much larger container once the fruit had set. Is it possible that I disturbed the roots and that's why it didn't ripen. Is there hope for next season?

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