sawdust as a rooting medium?

cousinfloydMarch 19, 2013

Is sawdust of any use as a rooting medium?

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10+ years old yes it can be found at old saw mills. anything less it is not advisable

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Wouldn't 10+ year old sawdust basically be compost? I was thinking fresher sawdust might be more like perlite as opposed to soil/compost.

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Fresh sawdust will rob nitrogen from the cutting as it breaks down. I would not advise using that medium for rooting. You need something that is more neutral and stable.

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I was thinking of sawdust as something just to hold moisture (as a perlite substitute or something like that.) I wouldn't think fresh sawdust would break down fast enough to need to worry about what would happen as it breaks down, particularly not if it were just used for a short period for just rooting a cutting. In other words, over the short term sawdust would seem awfully neutral. And a fig cutting while it's just rooting doesn't need nitrogen anyways, does it? What am I missing? It sounds like the bottom line is that it doesn't work, though. It would seem too easy for others not to be doing it if it did work.

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