Gee Farms catalog missing

hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)August 12, 2014

For almost the entire year, Gee Farms has not had a downloadable catalog on their website...are they having problems?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

it probably got so old ... it wasnt worth posting...

in dealing with gee's ... you make a list.. and call and speak with... and i always spell her name wrong.. Keri ...

she is a walking catalog ...

they are slightly old school ... not relying too heavily on all this new age technology ... just like gary ... lol ... but they do have phones ...


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Lordie, if I were them, I'd rather have email than a phone anyday...less demanding when you're busy. But, different strokes for different folks.

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

I can definitely call, not a big dealâ¦but I prefer email/web ordering for a few reasons:
1-giving a credit card number over the phone is a pain in the you-know-what
2-many scientific names I can spell correctly, but am afraid if I try to pronounce them, IâÂÂll sound like an idiot
4-less chance of mishearing one another

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

do it any way you guys want ... and when you dont get a reply fast enough..

then go old school ...

you new age techno wizards simply arent going to get old school peeps to bend to your will ..

can you believe it ...... i dont even have a cell phone ... crikey ... and i aint that old...


ps: wonder where my record player is... lol ...

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" and i aint that old..."


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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

There are too many sources to dink around with calling a business to see what they have....unless they are local.

Lost sales if you ask me.

If you end up getting stuff from Gee stick with 3 gallon plants. At the time I bought from them, their stuff is under sized, which is techncially a good thing as they are dillegent with uppotting.

Most their 1 gallon plants are actually 1 year or 2 year grafts...again good for roots but at $30 to $45 for a 1 year graft that isn't necessarily that rare is not my cup of tea.

My go to sources...

Conifer Kingdom - 1 gallon and ban pots are the way to go. Easy ordering

Western Evergreen - Any size all day. Need patience for ordering as its confiramtion/check style

Coenosium - Bob is honest enough to call out what is small and prices accordingly. Need patience as its confirmation style but paypal is a payment type.

Those three sources cover 90% of my needs as a casual collector.

Otherwise Stanley and Sons offers the best pricing in the market BUT there are minimums (ie 15 4" pots) and the stock is completely hit or miss. I usually keep half the material and give away or sell the other half at a lower I take a pic of the plant to be honest of its runt qualities.

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this spring Kary sent me Exell file of everything gees had
when I got around to ordering,,,I missed window for spring ship
they are VERY strict on spring & fall shipping,,,don't get fall stuff till like Oct.,,,,,but my orders come in 1 day,,(west of chi.)

I can post kary's email add. but I don't know if that's the right thing to do,,,,let me know,,,,,,,

I'm with ken,,,don't have cell,,,,just got interwebs last year
boy,it takes long to type this 1 fingered,,,can't imagine making web order.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Hah, I remember that! I couldn't get a plant in May in a neighboring state! lol

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