Seedling photo's!

mizellie(z7 Al)May 18, 2012

Do you remember this one from last year. I think I liked it better then..Ellie

Last year...

This year..first blooms are twins..

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I still love MOTES. When are you going to start selling it?


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a very pretty group of seedlings, Ellie. I still likt the first one best.

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shive(6b TN)

Still love, love, love the Motes. The eye is darker, but it has better definition this year. Not only do you have the applique pattern on the inside of the eye, you have FEATHERING on the outside. I think it's an outstanding seedling. (Don't forget, I'm at the top of the reservation list.)

The second Inherited Wealth X SC Starburst seedling is my second favorite.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

Nancy, as you can see, there is only 2 fans and a baby. I moved it last year and that may have been a mistake.

Kay, the first one is last years photo. The second, is the same daylily this year.

Debra, you are definitly at the top of the list when it incrases.. By the way, it has quite a large bloom, maybe 6". The 2nd, inh wea X sc star is 4 years old. I really like that one too!! The bloom is only average size though...

Thank you all...Ellie

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

OH I remember MOTES! :-)) Looking good to me.

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Nancy zone 6

You have several seedlings that look really good, but Motes is tops! Really a wonderful looking daylily, I remember it from last year too!

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Wow, thanks for sharing your seedlings. Motes is wonderful and I also love the last one.

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Love both Motes. I always love a big green throat so maybe the first one is my favorite.

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Motes is glorious, a real beauty. I like all your seedlings, but the one in the third picture is my second favorite. You will have to tell me the cross, I don't know the abbreviation. Avedon

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Rita, I thought you might remember...Hehehe!!

ngraham, I think it's the unusual eye pattern that causes folks to remember..

Christine, that last one is on it's way out. I really don't like it..

jkayed, the first and second are the same one. The first photo was the seedling debut and the second is the changes from last year!

Avedon, the cross is Candied Popcorn Perfection X Be Thine. that was the first time I used be thine so it got the color from Be thine. It has a similiar color to a couple of others in my garden..

Thanks folks for your input!! Ellie

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