'Breba-Figs'.....some questions

bronxfigsMarch 30, 2012

I have some questions regarding the brebas vs. main-crop figs.

In NYC, Zone-7b, the growing season might last, maybe three months. I've been growing "Atreano" since 2007, and have never let the breba crop develop on my trees. I nip them off as soon as I see them sprouting. I do this each year so that main-crop figs are not delayed. My figs ripen by mid-August. No problems...I'm happy. But, I'm greedy, and I want more!

This spring, for the first time, I'm considering letting some breba develop,.... just to see if I can push the growing season, and chow-down on some earlier figs. If I let some breba develop just on one branch, will this send a "signal" throughout the whole tree, and cause a delay in setting main-crop figs, or will the delay be only on that one, specific branch, where brebas formed?

Judging from the photos that were posted by herman2, of his "Atreano" brebas, this variety can make some huge figs, and according to herman2, figs with a pretty good flavor. I really don't want to risk my main-crop, at the expense of a few, insipid, breba.

Should I give it a shot, or, forget it and just grow main-crop figs?

Just asking.


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Frank, main crop ripening with good heat taste better than ripening in cooler weather like late Sept/early Oct. If I am in your zone, I will go for main crop. It may benefit to try a Desert King for breba figs. Taste good, reliable & bountiful here on the west coast. Dauphine & Granthams Royal are other options.

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frozenjoe(9 Arizona)

I agree with Paully. Get yourself a Desert King if you want to harvest brebas. My DK is forming some large brebas on it right now while most of my other trees have not even started to form main crop figs yet. DK is nice because you get a good crop of figs early in the season from it. That way you won't diminish Atreano's main crop.


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wertach zone 7-B SC

I've got brebas on my fig tree already too! More than a month earlier than normal! It has been an extremely early spring this year. I'm not sure what kind it is, since I inherited it. I think it is a brown turkey.

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Thanks, friends for giving me the answers that I needed.

"Atreano" is too good a fig to play around with, then risk a main-crop not ripening properly. I'll be screwed if we have a cool, or, too short a summer.

I'll keep the D-K option in mind.

Thanks for the quick responses.


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