Last stressed conifer that hasn't passed

whaas_5a(5A SE WI)August 29, 2011

All the struggling conifers I posted over the summer have all croaked. (2) Bosnian Pines, (2) Serbian Spruces and (1) White Pine ('Blue Shag').

This Serbian is the last plant I have that doesn't look too good but is still ticking.

That entire section is deadwood. It just barely push new growth in June and died over the coarse of the summer. I'd say 30% of the new growth had died off.

So lets you keep this one or do give up and get a new free replacement (likely use credit next spring)?

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If you've got free replacement, use it. That one might live, but it won't look good for a very long time, if ever.

When getting a new one, try to get one that hasn't been badly mutilated (sheared) like this in the first place. A smaller plant would also establish more easily.


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Which Bosnian pines died? Don't hear too much about their vulnerability.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Don't be intimidated by your losses of P. heldreichii nor omorika. This summer killed such a range of plant material here that nothing would be considered impossible.

As Resin says, your Serbian was sheared - that's not what you want. Find a tree with loose character.

Not bad, 3 or 4. You were lucky.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

get rid of it ... if under warranty ...

you will never know what the BB digging did to its root structure.. until you dig it up ...

this is the type of problem.. which could easily get lost out in my yard .... where i could give it the 5 years or so for it to re-leader and perhaps recover ...

i just don't see that in your rather sparse yard .... and i mean your tiny immature individually sited plants ... once they all get going and double in size.. you will have little nooks and crannies to hide stuff.. if you wish ...

besides that.. its a plain old green tree ... now that you are thoroughly enabled.. cant you find a named variety of something that can take the space???

be done with it

now ... you only list a cultivar on the pine .. otherwise they all sound like bargain [for you] plain old green plants.. can we assign any significance to that??? all bigboxstore?? .. all filed grown and dug this spring... etc ... what facts can you add .. IF ANY ... as to why your plain old green ones are suffering ... one would expect this not to be ?????

excuse the in-artful language if you will ...


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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)

Sheared conifers are geared for that perfect look to sell fast in nursery's. A bad practice indeed usually performed by the grower. Totally destroys the natural look of the plant with the sheared ends, white with resin, staring you in the face.

Be done with that one and find a replacement for fall planting.

Your learning. Believe me, it takes time.


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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Resin / Dax / Dave,
I thought I got a small plant!lol! I actually prefer not to buy a sheared plant but every single freaking nursery does that! And I hate it even more when they snip the leader...that makes my blood boil.

I had the straight species. They had the smallest of small root systems plus they got too much water. They croaked pretty quick. I at least got one to live! I picked up a 'Green Bun' recently, neat little guy.

Going...going...gone! I'll use this as an opportunity to replace with a more interesting plant. Funny that all three Picea omorika straight species croaked but I have a 'Bruns' and 'Pendula Bruns' that look really good. All three did have nappy root systems.

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